In Canada, the credit card companies have begun issuing cards with the necessary "chip". In Paris, where the scheme has grown to 21,500 bikes and 1,450 racks, Vélib has seen more than 61 million journeys. If you've been hesitant to try out the Velib' bike rental system in Paris, this step-by-step guide will give you the confidence you need to hit the streets! Riding a bike around Paris is so much fun, and gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. Scan your card again, and a flag appears. 2. The mairie actively promotes cycling in the city and the Vélib scheme is complemented by the 400km (250 miles) of bike lanes snaking their way around Paris. For your next journey, you can simply scan your card over the V-Box. V-Découverte A pass valid for 24 hours that allows you to take up to 5 Vélib' at one time From 1 to 5 Vélib' I used my American Express Blue card to sign up for the system with no problems. Abby, it is not PARIS that has excluded Americans from using the Velib bicycles, but the North American credit card companies. The Navigo card (French: Carte Navigo), formerly called the Navigo pass, is a means of payment for public transportation introduced on 1 October 2001 in the City of Paris and Île-de-France region.It is implemented as a contactless smart card using the Calypso standard, initially with Radio-frequency identification (RFID), then Near-field communication (NFC) since 9 December … However, that changed in spring 2011 when the program opened, at least online, to a wide-range of cards (including MasterCard, Visa and American Express). Paris offers a variety of transportation methods: metros, trains, buses and even bicycles! Vélib' Métropole. Things to Do in Paris ; Velib' Metropole; Search. 4. The Vélib site indicates that a French debit card will work, however I cannot find confirmation if any other debit cards will. The Vélib’ system, which until 2011 required a credit card with a puce (a special microchip), was mostly unattainable to Americans since it launched in 2007. 849 Reviews #218 of 326 Outdoor Activities ... customer service was unhelpful when contacted and advised the amount was physically deducted due to it being a foreign card. We had saved and saved to visit Paris for three days. Your card is activated, and you can take your Vélib’. Ken Livingstone first thought of copying the idea for London. Vélib’ is an affordable public bike-sharing system in Paris with approximately 20,000 two-wheelers and 1,800 stations. 5. For those interested...this was on Fodor's: <