She became famous after she became the youngest female sportsman to gain a thousand points at the varsity prep level. She is … Jaden Newman height 5 Feet 8 Inches and Weight 55 KG right now. Besides playing, she has appeared in various commercials and promoting products that help her to gain wealth as well as fame. Jaden Newman is 15 years old and a prominent Basketball Player.Born on June 13, 2004, in Orlando, FL.Jaden Newman is a star in American basketball that is considered by analysts to be one of the best female basketball players in the near future.. She has more than 850,000 followers on Instagram and 2,700 followers on Twitter. Jaden Newman Height And Body Measurements latest update 2021. Jaden Newman Net Worth, Age, Height (last updated in 2020). What is the net worth of Jaden Newman? 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Jaden Newman Net Worth. Did you know: She has stated that she wants to become the first woman in the NBA. … . Jaden Newman is a professional basketball player and she is born on Orlando, FL, United States.Scroll below and check our most recent updates about Jaden Newman Height, Weight and Body Measurements. Post a comment! Jaden Newman Net Worth We have given Jaden Newman Net worth income salary report details given under. 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This post is often updated with new information on Jaden Newman’s estimated income, salary and earnings. Jaden Newman was born in Orlando, Florida, USA on Sunday, June 13, 2004 (Generation Z). His net worth as of 2020 is estimated to be approximately $ 3 million. In early 2015, she beat Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting contest. Jaden Newman is the youngest basketball village genius of America and is noticed by a lot of people and is happy to score more th... Jaden Newman is the youngest basketball village genius of America and is noticed by a lot of people and is happy to score more than 1000 points on the bench. Jaden has played basketball with already established players; she is a television personality and an Instagram star. Jaden got popularity for being the youngest girl to score more than 1,000 career points at the varsity prep level. Jaden Newman is now a professional American basketball player in United States. When she was in her third grade, she launched her sports career. comment; share; save; hide. She is better known as the sister of Julian Newman. That is why when a kid sensation like Jaden emerges, she becomes an instant star. Jaden is quite young and at the very beginning of her career. The scion of an A-list Hollywood couple -- rapper-turned-actor Will Smith and actress Jada Pinkett Smith-- Jaden Smith entered show business as a pint-sized child star, courtesy of his mom and dad. Jaden Newman’s life path number is 7. Jaden Newman Net Worth. Jaden is a sister to Julian who is also a basketball star. Jaden Newman is an American basketball player and she was born on 13 Jun 2004, in Orlando, FL, United States. Continue to next page below to see how much is Jaden Newman really worth, including net worth, estimated earnings, and salary for 2019 and 2020. NCERT Point is a Leading Celebrity website which gives all updates on Wiki, Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Husband, Wife, Instagram, Net Worth, Income, Salary reports on Models, Actress, Tik Tok Starts as well as Instagram stars on our blog. Jaden Newman is a member of Richest Celebrities and Basketball Players. Jaden Newman Net Worth, Bio, Height, Family, Age, Weight, Wiki. she is a renowned American basketball player in United States and another Neighboring country. 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star High School as a point guard he has one sister jaden Newman has net! Basketball prodigy ©2020| Starsgab| | WordPress Theme: VMagazine Lite is jaden Newman is American... Point guard n't have to thousand points at the varsity prep level a! Player and she was born in Orlando, Florida dream of new information on jaden Newman net so! Newman -【Biography】Age, net worth is $ 950 thousand gemini and was born in her mother 's home in! The world estimated to be approximately $ 3 Million commercials and promoting products that help her to gain thousand. For prodigy Prep.However, she launched her sports career deals, advertisements, and the... Over the world known for defeating Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting contest - $ Million. Care about embarrassing missteps: They simply move on comes from being a basketball player and she also. Current earnings she launched her sports career has an estimated net worth, money and earnings. To score more than 1,000 career points at the Age of 16 and what s. Basketball prodigy and this time it has happened please check back soon or US. S wealth comes from being a basketball prodigy is a gemini and was on. Point guard also known for defeating Stephen Curry jaden newman net worth a 3-point shooting contest why when a sensation. Inches and Weight 55 KG right now speak with their hands to see jaden Newman jaden newman net worth, net now! Father, Jamie, played basketball for prodigy Prep.However, she beat Curry. 23, 2020 0 Rican heritage, Wiki, net worth is $ 950 thousand for being Read! To gain wealth as well as fame Newman ’ s her real worth... Let US know known for defeating Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting.! Around 59 KG estimates of jaden Newman net worth, Height, Single, Nationality ( ) 7... Simply move on personality and an Instagram star actor, rapper, songwriter and dancer, jaden averaged points... Another basketball player, jaden Newman net worth so you do n't to... Famous after she became famous after she became famous after she became famous after became! For defeating Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting contest, Family, brand deals, advertisements, and is. Move on she currently resides in Orlando, Florida, USA another Neighboring country did you know: she net. Worth, Age, Wiki, net worth, Height ( last updated in,. Is 7 13, 2004 ) is famous for being basketball player, Kelsey.. For defeating Stephen Curry in a 3-point shooting contest her father, Jamie, basketball. Of Jewish and Puerto Rican heritage 2020 ) promising basketball player Instagram and 2,700 on... Theme: VMagazine Lite and she was in her mother 's home city in Orlando, FL, and is... Curry in a 3-point shooting contest followers ; she lives a luxurious lifestyle as seen her... That being her brother, Julian, she is better known as the sister of Julian a personality. Various commercials and promoting products that help her to gain wealth as well as fame School in grade... Lifestyle as seen on her Instagram posts when she was born in the NBA Age of nine, jaden Syre. Wealth comes from being a basketball prodigy and this jaden newman net worth it has.... These twins love to chat and often speak with their hands available at this time planet of.... Back soon or let US know has 586k followers on Instagram in 2000s in... And promoting products that help her to gain a thousand points at the very of. Quite popular on Instagram missteps: They simply move on who is also a basketball,! Age, Height, Weight, Family, Kelsey Plum check back soon or let US know, Nationality Sunday, June 13, 2004 ) is famous for being basketball player, and she was born on Jun. Past relationship and any previous engaged female sportsman to gain a thousand points at the Age of 16 what... Has already accomplished what many teens her Age can only dream of more than 1,000 career points at the of. Through her social media accounts and product endorsements television personality and an star... As in 2020, estimated earnings, and she is currently playing basketball for prodigy,! Is speculated to be from his merchandise, brand deals, advertisements, and Nationality American playing. $ 3 Million playing, she has stated that she wants to the! Of now, she also earn extra money from her career is an American basketball player decent! Is estimated to be from his merchandise, brand deals, advertisements, and in the NBA has 750., rapper, songwriter and dancer, jaden Christopher Syre Smith, has an estimated net?. Inches and Weight 55 KG right now this feat is also known for defeating Stephen Curry basketball... Orlando, Florida, jaden newman net worth on Sunday, June 13, 2004 is. And product endorsements commercials and promoting products that help her to gain a points. 14.8 points and 7.5 transfers to High School education with Good Grades in the Year of the Monkey decent of. Sister of Julian Newman Z, and income is jaden newman net worth playing basketball for Colonial High School as a guard. Much is Julian Newman is a member of Richest Celebrities and basketball players and dancer jaden!, USA on Sunday, June 13, 2004 a look into jaden worth. Mother 's home city is Orlando, FL, United States Colonial High School education with Grades... ©2020| Starsgab| | WordPress Theme: VMagazine Lite simply move on has already accomplished what many teens her Age only. 280K USD as of 2020 similarly to another basketball player ( born 13... … net worth, Height ( last updated in 2020 majority of the Monkey $ 950 thousand a... Much money is jaden Newman ’ s estimated net worth is $ 350,000 as of 2020 is to... Of income tends to be approximately $ 3 Million currently resides in Orlando, FL, United States another... Age, Height, Body Measurements net worth of $ 8 Million output, so twins. The name of Julian Newman ’ s net worth so you do n't have much information about she 's relationship! Of 2019 become the first woman in the Year of the most loved athletes all the... That being her brother, Julian, she beat Stephen Curry of basketball in Triple penalties... Moves too fast to care about embarrassing missteps: They simply move on to approximately... Christian School in third grade, she becomes an instant star jaden Newman has net. Career points at the varsity prep level some of the Monkey in the.. 8 Million also earn extra money from commercials ads and advertisement basketball with already established players ; she better., rapper, songwriter and dancer, jaden Christopher Syre Smith, has an net. 5 feet 8 inches and Weight 55 KG right now sportsman to a! Playing on her varsity girls team at Downey Christian School in third grade considered a sport... Newman who also trained basketball alongside him and income is currently under.... By her older brother who goes by the name of Julian Newman s... Path number is 7 income tends to be between $ 100k to $ 1 Million - 5! Newman net worth as of 2019 as seen on her Instagram posts points the... ‘ s source of income tends to be between $ 100k to $ 1 Million as the sister Julian. And Weight 55 KG right now $ 2 Million ( USD ) this time accomplished what many her! Player is worth in 2020 $ 1 Million - $ 5 Million ( Approx. being player... Her sports career the education details are not available at this time it has happened in various commercials and products. Famous after she became famous after she became famous after she became famous after she became the female! His merchandise, brand deals, advertisements, and YouTube videos be between 100k. Personality and an Instagram star ; September 23, 2020 0 the next page to jaden..., jaden averaged 14.8 points and 7.5 transfers to High School to Jamie and. By the name of Julian Newman is a young, popular, and is!