It’s also possible to rewrite the Observable examples in vanilla JavaScript, but it requires re-implementing all the stuff that reactivity gives you “for free”, like adding event listeners for anything that can change (such as the width and the focus ). Observables are the collections of multiple values over time.Observables are lazy. Here’s an example with Mike’s legend:, This is another design pattern, but it’s dependent on the Observable notebook architecture: Automatically bundle D3 v4 modules under a single d3 import with D3 Webpack Loader.. Use at your own risk - I don't think this was a great idea after all. It’s essentially a REPL for doing D3. Menu Using and bundling individual D3 modules 01 August 2016 on d3, javascript, webpack, rollup, modules, es2015, es6. This extension would not have been possible without the following: ObservableHQ/parser; ObservableHQ/runtime; @hpcc-js/observable-md; Quick Start with Observable JavaScript | Markdown. In App.vue, remove all the content in the