What’s the most scandalous location you’ve had sex in? Test your friends and family's culinary knowledge with these free, printable food and drink quiz questions and answers with a UK focus. Actually no. Which of these questions would you be the most mortified to answer? Now you have to … Anyone that considers themselves a female, drink, 8 Mate. Everyone votes, Losing group drinks Designed for ages 21+. What does the perfect male/female body look like (from head to toe and everything in between) in your opinion? What do you like most and least about your personality? Have I given you the best sex you’ve ever had? There are more than 300 questions to choose from. For Truth or Drink, you’ll need at least two people. Truth or dare questions turn ordinary get-togethers into lasting memories. Take that knowledge to the test kitchen to see how much of a gourmet you really then pass this link on to your friends. When was the last time someone hit on you? Does John speak French? Ahead, a list of 50 truth or dare questions to get you started. This is the casual mode to get started. MORE: 225+ Amazing Questions to Ask a Guy What is the most that you have ever had to drink? Do you think I’m the person you’re going to marry? Examples of Questions with Do and Does: Do you speak English? You can start asking these embarrassing truth and dare questions when you are playing the game with your best buddies. What does it NOT include? 2. 18. Take turns drawing cards that will make you and your friends do savage challenges or get drunk af. These 30 questions are sure to put your food and drink knowledge to the test. What’s the most embarrassing item you’ve ever used to get yourself off? Be careful what you wish for because this fun drinking game will more than deliver. Food and drink quiz questions and answers for your virtual pub quiz. But producers at Cut Video decided to do a social experiment in which they asked different sets of people – best friends, couples, parent and child, and even ex-lovers - to play using questions and dares they created. When did you realize that you were in love with me? Creative Writing. Sell a piece trash to someone in the group. Do you ever catch yourself thinking about doing it with someone of the same sex? What’s the biggest romantic fail you’ve ever experienced? Do we have time for a quick drink? Truth Dare Questions website is developed especially for providing interesting questions for playing truth or dare game. Have you ever sent someone else a dick pic? 100% free and printable questions and answers. From ingredients to cooking techniques - they will test even the most educated gastronome. Jack Slater Sunday 17 May 2020 11:11 am. What’s the most number of times you’ve ever masturbated within one week? Do not drink anytime it could put you or others at risk. 63. What’s the biggest age difference you’ve had between yourself and a sexual partner? Poetry. What does APA stand when it comes to beer? There's nothing wrong with drinking--in fact, it can actually make you a better employee. 4 Floor. Answer: Catherine of Braganza She was the wife and Queen Consort to King Charles II and brought with her a chest of tea when she arrived in England from Portugal to marry the King. What would you do with a million dollars? Start cheering and drink 3 times! Do or Drink was pioneered by gentlemen with an adventurous spirit like no other, they were venturing onto unexplored territory, for never before was there a game to be played while drinking alcohol. Do they want to come with me? Does it rain a lot in the South? This game brings strangers closer together, has the potential to break up year long friendships and has even played a hand in getting a few people pregnant. TOUCH THE FLOOR! What fetish do you have that I don’t know about yet? Do or drink put all our other store-bought drinking games to shame! What’s the #1 thing you would never want your parents to find out about you? What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told without getting caught? You favorite team is about to score! With 350 cards included in the game, you can play this over and over again without ever getting bored. B rye bread. What’s the most flirtatious thing you’ve ever done? What’s the weirdest thing you’ve done when you were alone? He can either answer the question or drink. Typically, Truth or Drink questions are made up by the people playing the game. Truth or Drink (Best Friends) The game starts off innocent enough. Do you think it is too high or too low? Truth or Shots will have your friends answering questions you always wanted to know or never even thought to ask, but now you are dying to know.