A vuetify form control to support a variety of phone number formats & validation - kingscode/vuetify-phone-input. If you want to cater to these updates as well, use the input event instead. As you can see below, we simply assign the selected option to the user country field. In this article, we’ll look at how to work with the Vuetify framework. Vue.js's directive for emulating input element's two-way data binding. To add Vuetify, navigate to the project folder cd vuetify-form-validation. Related Posts: – Vue.js 2 CRUD Application with Vue Router & Axios – Vue.js JWT Authentication with Vuex and Vue Router – Vue File Upload example using Axios Using Vuetify […] To change the default color of the event use event-color prop. when you select it. Let’s explore how to extend Vuetify’s input field validation to replace empty fields with default values.. Say we have a form with some fetched values, for example, a user profile form. So when the user resizes the window, I change … < f7-list >