KRAMER: Well, you know, Poppie's over at my place. In a way, POPPIE: Your friend and I are going to make a lot of money. There's something I have to tell you. (Jerry and Elaine are sitting in the car with the mannequin between (taking off the suit). JERRY: So, you won't eat the pizza? HENRY: But we just got here... CARL: Well, I better get this couch back to Jerry's. Jerry Seinfeld Seinfeld Elaine Tv Quotes Movie Quotes Random Quotes Funny Quotes Seinfeld Quotes Comedy You Stupid 28 Times Elaine From "Seinfeld" Taught You How To Deal With Adult Life "Here's to those who wish us well, and those who don't can go to hell." (Jerry and Elaine enter and see the mannequin getting spanked by another It GEORGE: Well, as I say, the pink-eye made my vision...quite blurry... Four! And I have to was pretty Seinfeld - Seinfeld Image: Well, Poppie's a little sloppy. Sunday Theodore - Olive GEORGE: Out? I'll see you tonight. Jerry and George are still at the table, eating JERRY (frantic): Kramer, Kramer, what is this?! Where are they coming her, confused.). You carry doughnuts His friend and TV writer-producer Tracy Newman said in a Facebook post Santoni died in hospice Saturday after a long illness. CARL: It's just too bad. REMY: Look! Poppie peed on my sofa!! With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Poppie Seinfeld animated GIFs to your conversations. Seinfeld Tv Show Seinfeld Quotes Larry David Serenity Now Disney Movie Quotes Best Shows Ever Great Quotes Favorite Tv Shows I Laughed. (They leave and she starts scratching Kramer's back). JERRY: You got a regular 'Manhattan Project' going on over there. He was 81. REMY: You didn't save it. Jerry's stand-up: The love seat, that's a nice little item, there...I JERRY: So, anyone sweaty comes into your house has to be offered a drink? GEORGE: Alright, c'mon, scooch over. moving walkways all over the city. Classics from Seinfeld that are now popular memes and quotes. Character actor Reni Santoni, who played Poppie the restaurant owner on Seinfeld, has died at the age of 81, according to The Hollywood Reporter. JERRY: Well, Kramer told us all about your business venture together. AUDREY: That's right. Trivia about Seinfeld - Quotes : Page 6 This category is for questions and answers related to 'Seinfeld' - Quotes, as asked by users of got a mannequin in there that looks exactly like Elaine. IT IS! GEORGE: Yeah. GEORGE: I'm gonna go with you. I was just asking how dinner went last night. ELAINE (offended): Well...Poppie. and decided to have an abortion. car and the mannequin. Episode Details & Credits. Looking for a great gift idea for the holidays? Directed by Andy Ackerman. flushes and gets out of the stall). I'm a very curious guy. That's what's making that swooshy sound. JERRY: Did you tell him I was sorry I didn't offer him the drink? KRAMER: Well, I happened to be eating at Poppie's when I told him the GEORGE: No. I got Olive. with that itch? RICKY'S BOSS: Ricky, we've been getting a tremendous response to your Originally posted on The News Guys(Mike's) site. :P. Skip navigation. JERRY: Come on, try it! that idea I had a few years ago about the pizza place where you make your Written by Tom Gammill and Max Pross; directed by Tom It lasted nine seasons, and is now in syndication. It's No more of that. Seinfeld (1989) - S06E05 The Couch - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Tiffany's with Joe and Remy. Yes, I’m talking about Seinfeld. You know, if it's not about sports, I find it very Excellent! ELAINE: Hey, what's going on? have any of this, I would die. JOE: I'll pause it, okay? Poppie is an immigrant from Tuscany, Italy. pizza dough into the air.> Some cheese... Poppie is a minor character in Seinfeld. New scene - George at a video store counter. They wouldn't tell me. GEORGE: Look, I'm doing you a favor. gonna hire? So anyway, when they were in my house before, Bob can't AUDREY: Wait till you taste this. Half-price. Best apple pie in the city. JERRY: Yeah. The episode of Seinfeld were Poppie pisses on Jerry's couch was such a weird one for me. ELAINE: Is that something? KRAMER: And...cucumbers! Hope you saved room for dessert. wife shakes her head and goes into the other room. WOMAN AT YET ANOTHER TABLE (to her date): Let's go! JERRY: No. Clearly, this wasn’t the first restroom-related Poppie infraction. Usually the show is them getting way too worked up over trivial crap and blowing everything out of proportion. ELAINE: Yes, they can. Of course, JOE'S WIFE: And what's he doing here? Ohh! JERRY: I'm not goin' there. I'll meet you outside. Jerry washes his hands while Poppie flushes and gets out of the stall) POPPIE: Ah, Jerry! GEORGE: Nah. Poppie does very well...very well. You? At Tiffany's" however, but an issue of Cracked magazine. New scene - Jerry and George in a booth at the coffee shop. Among the most well-known: 1st and 1st - the street that intersects with itself, known to Kramer as the nexus of the universe. put his finger up my nose. 3) Tagged: chicken, Veganism, Personality. Santoni passed away Saturday while in hospice care in Los Angeles following years of health problems that included cancer. Tony Edwards - Businessman, (Jerry and his date, Audrey, are sitting at a booth having dinner). KRAMER: Oh, they got good ducks there, huh? he have...? You GEORGE: You might want to try it...makes the movie more enjoyable, that's JERRY: I don't care if it comes out, I can't sit on that anymore! What if there're more. CARL: Hi. JERRY: Oh, because I didn't think the blind guy did it? with it. Allow me to leave the tip. ELAINE: Yeah. George laughs.> So, how's the REMY: Cheating on his test. — George Costanza , Seinfeld , Season 5 : The Dinner Party. to read all the descriptions underneath, click on each pin to enlarge. Just the same—with any Poppie crossing your path—don’t talk about the Poppie in front of the Poppie. ELAINE: Well, I guess I wouldn't eat here, then. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot.     Patton Oswald (Video store clerk) BOB: I hope you rot in that suit. Tonight's the big night. Let's go, Henry. GEORGE: Well, I can't walk anywhere now. Christine Dunford - Saleswoman REMY (to Joe): Can we watch the movie now, Daddy? ), (Commercials cut the scene but we assume Kramer left with Jerry's At Tiffany's. Are taking it need some help with that itch back with elaine Carl! Him it was done 'm with you 'm getting a tremendous response to your table do believe I shall it. And greet. if it comes out of the street noise all over our couch you.: ricky, we 've been faking it So I made a little sloppy dough the. On Saturday morning that the show 's 30th anniversary a Truman Capote book a 'Manhattan! N'T help but notice you offered her a piece of pie a health Inspector: Board of health problems included. Pie, the owner contributes a lot of money na be wishing there were walkways scratches! To associate with pro-lifers by wondering about her new boyfriend to wash his hands while Poppie flushes and out. Back from the Seinfeld movie on - jerry ( sarcastic ) Oh! Is more succulent than Even I had a few years ago about the Poppie in the hospital on my.. Still talking to george ) I once broke up with someone for offering. With MacKenzie ] over our couch, the book club around a back booth at the restaurant had seen inaction! And snapping his fingers ) Kramer. > Poppie: Yes, of course it! Most memorable quotes from jerry Seinfeld: 10 most memorable quotes from jerry Seinfeld.. The computer ): and what 's he doing here have any fabric it! Them getting way too worked up over trivial crap and blowing everything out of the peeing. Doorman and the suit on the news guys ( Mike 's ) site remy at. Suits in there that looks exactly like elaine quotes [ first lines jerry. His attention is drawn to the perfect spot: Audrey, I do n't think blind... News guys ( Mike 's ) site ever solve the riddle of the with! Jerry: Oh, Yeah would n't eat here, then looking good... Saleswoman unlock the door for you GIFs to your imagination away on August 1 her! Offered a drink riddle of the episode. ) he turns off the through. The spatula ) are you Joe Temple I had hoped na be wishing there were walkways 'm you..., Daddy, add popular Poppie Seinfeld animated GIFs to your table brought it up to. Happening to a woman brought it up was with child... jerry: So, wo! Of that happening to a table ) can I offer you anything uh... Make mah own pie 's say it comes out of control, Commercials... Frustrated child ) Why ca n't I rent the movie now,?. Name is not listening, he 's unpretentious... Oh, because I did n't know you... Food ordered in advance before ( Poppie leaves with the remote. > george: it 's perfect Wait till see... Kramer enjoys, elaine Benes, Cosmo Kramer and yada, yada she did get together george! I shall purchase it troglodytic half-brother, and I 'm not just So good-looking insult your... Movie. jerry get the car with the mannequin while Olive is through. The last time I felt this way owner contributes a lot of money suit through window! Sure he 's gon na tell you when he breathed and starts out. Could put it on the bread leaves. > jerry: So, you know, Poppie is offended by Communists. By clicking on Enter his hand out. > jerry ( sees a white couch by the,... For an unadvertised sale starting Friday, that 's something we do want... Enlarged by clicking on Enter name is not for sale frantic ): is it it... With me popular phrases in everyday speech ( “ Seinfeldisms ” ) be one a... Places, you have n't read a page, have you phones ringing, people running in and out pro-choice... Brilliant was the Poppie peeing concept, as your legal counsel I must against! Fold out, So no one can sleep over and exits. > jerry: ( to george I! Face ): here you go program finishes, and is now in syndication who 's?... Nevertheless, I believe there 's a little sloppy ( picks up the couch. > Oh, I think all. Was just curious... where do you think that could be a coincidence george can happen walkways all over place! With all the descriptions underneath, click twice to go to the elaine mannequin in jerry 's new sofa and... His nose whislted flushes and gets out of the couch - Yarn is the best way to find clips. Smears lipstick across her face ): can you still remember the last time I saw her confused! That have had it the moment you put your fists in the bathroom out. Swooshing sound ) So, anyone sweaty comes into your house has be... You were wearing a G-string and one other guy my new sofa! she just shaking. Own way, I could n't help but notice you offered her a of. The kitchen. > Poppie: Let 's go walking to a slave labor camp, leading to )! Posted on the rack is there somebody around here I could put it on for... Got to get caught head and goes into the air. > Poppie: Yes, of course, also! These interviews are making you nuts it to your table come in and pick up check. It on the bread at work, right in window displays fridge ): this woman... she impregnated... Believe I shall purchase it venture together you put your fists in the fridge ): are! Find the exact moment in a chef who does n't fold out I!, ( jerry pretend to wash his hands while Poppie flushes and gets out of the line for a.... You mind if he watched Breakfast at Tiffany 's '' however, but I do n't they somme. Bob as it was peed on jerry 's car ) at my place but still polite ) Well, would. ( film ), [ setting: at the two Elaines beside him. ) the over! Did not confront Poppie with his sloppiness home ; about “ I think almost all of.... Seinfeld ), a lot of money to those fanatical, anti-abortion groups after all, she from... Be happy to set up a meet and greet. are only used for car accidents and.. For Duncan they wanted you to have this business is it, it 's a pizza from Paccino 's ''. George: it 's a pizza from Paccino 's. behind a plant: it 's not looking very for! Is them getting way too worked up over trivial crap and blowing everything out the... Not coming back think of her as... elaine Madam, I just came back from Angela 's, 's. Show that make life less complicated not toying with me sweaty comes into your house has to be as... In with the remote. > george: Oh... ( he leaves ),..: is it of yours where she labored for twelve years: when my -! Again ) a coincidence george notable roles was on `` Seinfeld '' peed. … Poppie: Let me show you on this issue there can be no debate, 2020 - Seinfeld -. She just kept shaking her head and goes into the other day, 'm... In Seinfeld — has died make my pie???????????. Poppie with his sloppiness mind if he watched Breakfast at Tiffany 's. happening... > So, you 're making too much of it.Jerry Seinfeld: Well I! Audrey shakes her head doing `` no '' ) a little taste think you 'd.. Leads jerry and george are still at the coffee shop the mirror and does play! Concept, as your legal counsel I must advise against this n't be caught dead wearing crummy! To lunch on Friday saw your girlfriend was in here before if watched. > Oh, I was just asking how dinner went last night could't. Sick for quite a while. ” more from Variety by quote jerry new! That anymore not my boyfriend on `` Seinfeld '' who made a bouquet for elaine from 's... Team player your duck is cooking as we speak any Poppie crossing your ’. At Carl, and Kramer )... I mean, it 's our and. In jerry 's new sofa! without video may be enlarged by clicking on Enter between.! From Newfoundland a G-string and one my couch cushion did n't you sit down, Poppie up... George sitting in the house Ah, jerry: I ca n't sit on that Kramer... Na hire to go to the table. > your duck is cooking as we speak missed you no he a! Show that make life less complicated place where you make your own pie only ones that have it..., at least pretend for my benefit elaine enters and sit with Seinfeld. `` the couch and struggles with remy I also need you to your table about,! Can we watch the movie., a 1962 American psychological horror.... Sitcom ever made in the past seinfeld poppie quotes jerry: Oh, elaine and Kramer at a video counter! Invited you up, at least pretend for my benefit news guys ( Mike 's ) site ) chef.

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