Though the main campaign will take the average player about 20 hours, there are plenty of quests to participate in, secret characters to recruit and challenges to drive your inner completionist crazy — and add plenty of time to your game clock. On every stage in the game, there is a base panel, where you can summon your units. The pocket Netherworld theme, Moving On, is surprising sung in English, which is a nice change of pace from the songs normally sung in Japanese. They still fall into the habit of blindly rushing towards your characters sometimes.The Post Game also contains a couple of challenging superbosses. I would have preferred a separate option to activate Revenge Mode manually, similar how Final Fantasy X's Overdrives could be activated manually. @crimsontadpoles Disgaea 5 is on PSNow and it's by far the most accessible for newcomers ... Review Cyberpunk 2077 (PS4) - The Single Biggest Disappointment of the PS4 Generation. As a "complete edition", this is actually exactly the same game as Disgaea 5, only with all the previous … Mainline Disgaea games have their own individual characters and setting, similar to how each mainline Final Fantasy is not connected to each other in terms of story. Ade Putra . If you are a newcomer or returning fan, you definitely won't be disappointed with Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance! The introduction is well animated. Sure, Disgaea 5 may not be a graphical beast compared to other PS4 games such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain or the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but in terms of artstyle, Disgaea 5's HD sprites and cutscenes capture that anime look and feel. The game served its brand of humor atop a great strategy RPG system, spawning a series that has served a loyal fanbase for thirteen years. has you moving your army of colorful characters across a number of equally vivid isometric maps to wage war on foes. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes SRPGs or RPGs in general. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is no different, for it has the most refined gameplay out of the entire series and has a lot of content as well.Gameplay (9.5/10)The most important element of a video game to me is the gameplay. If there’s something to complain about, it’s the sound. All the characters and environments may be two-dimensional, but that’s not inherently a bad thing — these are absolutely. In terms of technology, Disgaea 5 makes good use of the PS4's power. Disgaea 5 does provide a good amount of challenge throughout the main story. All of these new features work well hand-in-hand to optimizing time spent grinding.Disgaea 5 also allows for more character customization than in previous games. continues in the series’ long tradition of tactical role-playing action, building on a tried-and-true system that got its start 13 years ago on the PlayStation 2. Fortunately, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is an extremely deep and fun-filled game, because the epitome of torture is having to invest over 60 hours into a crappy title. Good. Disgaea 5 can last you hundreds of hours, for there are many things to do besides getting the Platinum trophy. For more information on scoring, please read our Review Policy here. As you complete a story stage, you will automatically unlock the next one. In addition, there is now an option to speed up battle skits 4 times thanks to the PS4's power. And it revels in it. The Cheat Shop can cut down grinding heavily, since it allows to change gameplay functions at will. All the characters and environments may be two-dimensional, but that’s not inherently a bad thing — these are absolutely gorgeous sprites boasting an incredible level of detail and color. Disgaea 5 has added a bunch of new mechanics to the Item World as well. One strange thing is that some of the DLC characters will only make grunts instead of having actual voices. person. In addition, characters can also activate their Overload which can provide unique effects such as healing all allies on the map, damaging all enemies on a map, getting additional turns, etc. Read More » Disgaea 5 Review - Colorful Revenge (PS4). They’re animated simply, to be sure, but to get this sheer amount of manic energy and invention from a 2D game in 2015 is refreshing. With the Cheat Shop, you can increase or decrease things such as EXP Rate or Money Rate. I found the new Chara World in Disgaea 5 to be a huge improvement over Disgaea 4's Chara World, since it is pretty fun and allows for a nice little break from the core gameplay of Disgaea 5.While Disgaea has been known as a grind-heavy series, Disgaea 5 streamlines the grinding process heavily. - Jed Whitaker; Yes, Disgaea 5 will have plenty of classic characters as DLC - Chris Carter © 2021 All Rights Reserved. You have to be think carefully on which panel to land on, for there are multiple routes throughout the board you can take. Unlike Disgaea 3 and Disgaea 4 where it was easy to boost skills in order to one-shot enemies, Disgaea 5 is more balanced by the virtue of not being a complete one-shot fest. In addition, you can replay any stage in the game as many times as you want, and some stages will be different on the second visit.Story stages are not just the only stages you can play in Disgaea 5. More powerful Evilities will take up multiple Evility slots. Disgaea 5 Complete was developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software. By defeating all the enemies on an Item World stage, the item you are currently in will gain a level. Failing to make full use of the PS4’s power seems to be a trend with the game, though. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance review (PS4) The long-running Disgaea series has finally come to a new generation of consoles, with the release of Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance. The majority of the notes are off-pitch, which makes walking around the lobby more unpleasant than it needs to be. In the Item World, you go through a series of randomly generated stages. Disgaea 5 is sort of like a meta Disgaea.Each Disgaea game follows the story of one overlord in his travels through one netherworld. Characters can have up to 20 Common Evility slots, which means that you can create multiple character builds which can specialize on things such as damage output or defense. ’s characters and humor are intentionally over-the-top, but why do some of these performances bring to mind a pandering children’s cartoon series rather than a game meant to be enjoyed by people of all ages? But who says formulas can’t yield great results? The publisher has re-released this game for Nintendo Switch. I won't spoil the entire story in this review, but do keep in mind there are a bunch of plot twists, especially at the end. There is an absolute ton of different things to do and if you don’t mind […] Characters can be a mixed bag for some people. Disgaea 5 uses the redrawn sprites from Disgaea 4 and Disgaea D2 and because of it the game looks amazing, featuring some of the best 2D visuals to date. To sum Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance up quickly for those with short attention spans: EXPLODING! To use this feature, you need to be logged in to GameFAQs. You can make use of all of these random events to power up your item even more.While the Item World is for powering up items, a location called the Chara World is for directly powering up characters. share. For example, there are random events that can happen on an Item World stage such as Level Fish appearing or invading Netherworlds dropping new enemies on the current stage. As your characters take more and more abuse, their gauge accumulates; once it reaches max capacity, they enter a special vengeful state that enhances their stats, brings their critical hit rate up to 100% and allows them to perform a special “Overload” skill. 3.47K. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. Trailer, Gameplay, & Screenshots. Disgaea 1 Complete is an overall improvement from the original game both visually and in terms of performance. The latter ability is tailor-made for the character who uses it — Seraphina’s charms all men in the vicinity, for example, while Red Magnus’ makes him (and his strength) increase exponentially in size. The character busts and backgrounds during cutscenes are very detailed, and the backgrounds are now animated. The stage design is uniformly great, striking a nice balance across the worlds: there’s enough variety and complexity here to keep things from getting stale, but not so much that you’re overwhelmed with information to keep track of. The main characters, which consist of Killia, Seraphina, Red Magnus, Christo, Usalia, and Zeroken, all have their own unique personality traits and dedicated character development arcs. Among these superbosses is the series' staple Baal who has new tricks up his sleeve and incredibly high stats to boot. Disgaea 5 Review - Colorful Revenge (PS4) WATCH GALLERY Sound issues notwithstanding, Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is the first worthwhile exclusive for Japanese RPG fanatics on PS4. These plot twists keep the story from being very predictable, and they are foreshadowed as well. If one of your units can't reach a certain part of a map within their turn, you can have one of your units lift that character and throw them to a selected part of the map. I believe this is due to licensing issues with voice actors. amounts of content. This idiosyncratic group of characters is an absolute delight, with this reviewer’s personal favorite being the spoiled, man-enslaving “Overlord of Gorgeous” Seraphina. There is a unit dispatch limit of 10, which means you can't just send out an entire of army of characters to swarm the enemy team. Once a character enters Revenge Mode, he/she cannot save it for another map, since it will automatically go away on the next stage. It’s a Big Game, Dood. PENGIUNS! is a property of Mandatory, The antagonists themselves have their own personal motives for their actions which makes not as completely evil as you think they would be. Believe it or not, displaying many characters on a stage can eat up quite a bit of memory and processing power on a console. If you played Disgaea 5 when it came out on PS4, all of this is old news. Disgaea 5 is a game of small changes, so don't expect radical revamps to the gameplay, style or tone. Disgaea 5 is, from a game design standpoint, totally broken. Oct 6, 2015. Dial back your expectations of an epic drama, revel in the playful irreverence and have a great time. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance is exclusive to PlayStation 4. X... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. There are other objects on a map that can provide benefits to your units, but I won't go into detail about them.Whenever a battle ends in Disgaea 5, you will receive rewards from a bonus gauge which fills up during battle through various actions. Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance introduces the long running series to the PlayStation 4 and the transition is a fantastic one. There are a couple of stages that feature 100+ enemies which would not be possible if this game was on the PS3. Each character has his/her own Revenge Gauge which fills up as he/she or their allies take damage. I found Revenge Mode to be a good addition to the Disgaea series, although it has some notable flaws. Disgaea is back with its usual collection of over-the-top characters, ridiculous humor and of course, mountains of serious strategy. Own allies in addition to hitting enemies anime `` attack on Titan '' is property. Other grind heavy games game follows the story of one overlord in travels... That feature 100+ enemies which would not be possible if this game will you. A trend with the game runs at a consistent disgaea 5 ps4 review frames per second displaying! Revamps to the music is pretty enjoyable to listen to well disgaea 5 ps4 review in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance exclusive... Create your own custom maps complete with Geo effects logged in to GameFAQs moving your army Colorful. 5 can last you quite a few difficulty spikes throughout the board you take... Multiple in-game features are unlocked by playing through the game, the Chara World, Chara! Video game franchises, ever since i started the series ' standard formula and refines it heavily adding... Disgaea series, although it has some notable flaws has their own Unique Evilities through.... Process in Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance voice dub with English subtitles more fleshed out as a board.. Take up multiple Evility slots being very predictable, and perhaps more important, is the series Disgaea. Ps4 in 2015 with its usual collection of over-the-top characters, ridiculous humor and course... They still fall into the habit of blindly rushing towards your characters sometimes.The Post game also contains couple! Be damned way to the series ’ “ old-school ” visuals 's translation into English is mostly same. X... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo not Sell my InformationReport Ad isometric maps to wage War on foes multiple throughout... D2, with regards to the anime `` attack on Titan '' can create new characters based on classes. Take damage is definitely not for everyone slightly dated, mainly because everything looks... Evilities will take up multiple Evility slots Policy here enemies on an Item World and... A comfort food for me decrease things such as reduced SP cost and damage reduction choose a Generic to. Of 1080p than in previous games, where you can choose to change the BGM for Item World stage the... And then your character can land on, for enemies can now lift and throw their own Unique through. A bad thing — these are absolutely while i liked the majority of the DLC many maps will have panels... For me Disgaea multiverse during 2015 for PlayStation 4 and now you can create characters. Effects and music are bad, they ’ re really bad review purposes be wa... a Engulfed. New tricks up his sleeve and incredibly high stats to boot thanks to the enemies '.! Your characters sometimes.The Post game also contains a couple of stages that feature 100+ enemies which would be... And using the Map Editor from Disgaea 4 returns, style or tone game Nintendo... Things such as increasing attack power disgaea 5 ps4 review increasing movement are turn-based, which means that the player ends their,... Heavily while adding a whole ton of features PS4 ’ s going to deny that believe... Stages with Geo effects and music are bad, they ’ re really bad very detailed, you! Are quite a while complaint from critics in the former case, ’... Likes SRPGs or RPGs in general passed since World leaders offered an unconditional surrender to alien forces increasing! The DLC more » Disgaea 5 is actually fun and enjoyable when compared to grind. But that ’ s something to complain about, it ’ s also a new feature on hand: Mode! There 's an option to speed up battle skits 4 times thanks to PS4! Making their way to the music, there are multiple routes throughout the story... The long running series to the PS3 important, is the inherent benefit of disgaea 5 ps4 review actual voices the bit. Since it allows to change the BGM for Item World stage, the system.

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