She's a wonderful plant to grow. When the applied force is released, the whole system returns to its original shape. Got a fantastic yield off of her and she's soo stinky, reminiscent of Jack Herer strain. • Terpene Profiles: Candied lilac, sweet berries, emon cake, grapefruit, hashy spices with earthy chem and petrol. Her. Colorado Chem RBx3 is a vigorous and lush plant with strong lateral branching. Expect a longer flowering time and a larger plant. CrescendO RBxV2 is the faster flowering of the CrescendO line, she also stays a bit more stocky. A high variance, challenging to grow gem. NYCD LUX Bx1 - NYCD (Grapefruit cut) x Lilac Diesel Bx3 - m/f. • Available in either 5 or 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds. Her sweeter candied and lemon phenos lean more Sativa while her grapefruit, fuel and orange seem to be heavier. Push-back from 911 centers on re-booting consoles for security patches. Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients. She can stretch quite a bit in flowering but is controllable. Grateful Dawg* x (Grateful Dawg x The White)*Dead Head OG cut from Irie Genetics Flowering time: 60-70 daysYield: AverageTotal Cannabinoids: 27-30%, Terpenes: Classic Sour OG with hints of grape and cherry. A strong vigorous plant with solid lateral branching. The #JoshDOG from @karmagenetics was the last piece in this OG dance. Vigorous, medium-height with strong lateral branching, Durban Kush S1 is easy to grow in any system. 6) Skunk Super Hero. • Terpene Profile: A rich, complex medley of citrus, berry, spices and gas. She's maximized with multiple tops or trellising or in the sun. The taller of the two has a more gasoline-heavy profile with grapes underneath. Fuel 420 is a cannabis dispensary located in the Jackson, Michigan area. Thank you! Therefore the strain has little effect on this dummy gage, but any temperature changes affect both gages in the same way. A fairly tall plant with medium length internodes. Medium-height with strong lateral branching. It’s loaded with over 20% THC to boot, placing this marijuana strain among some of the most potent modern creations. Sweet Berries and Sour Cherries. We then crossed the glue-dominant pheno back into the GG4, selecting a new filial even more similar to the GG4 but stronger. • Effects: Intense and heavy. Big yields of cup-winning Indica from this plant with large, dark, thick leaves. Her effects are what make her special. She likes to get BIG!! 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Very fast onset and quick to ripen as well. 4) Banana Daddy. She's been bred for earlier harvests and generous tepry extraction returns. The Original Mandarin Cookies R1 boasts vigorous growth with medium-long internodes and chunky, high-calyx flowers. Most flowers are round, calyx-heavy chunks that keep a fair distance from each other. A perfect blend, she's vigorous but not too tall, creates big yields with stacked towers of high calyx-to-leaf ratio flower. 1994 SUPER SKUNK x 1992 OG KUSH x 1970S AFGHAN KUSH. Vibrant hues of purple, black and red dominate this heavy hitting hybrid. Strong compact growth. • OUTDOOR DAYS FLOWER: Early season, 2-3 weeks before original GG4. He 5) Colin OG x ChemDi95. {(Chem 4 x Chem 91) x Chem D x i95} x Gorilla Glue 4. Primary terpenes: Myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene. • TERPENE PROFILE: Loud AF! Sandalwood, earthy chem, grapefruit, sour grape candy. Ripening early, she can be taken at 7 weeks, or keep letting her swell until week 9. True to its name, the plant produces colas so large that they snap branches. • Terpenes: Extremely pungent and sharp candied lemons with mixed sweet berries and gasoline underneath. "Aromas range from sour lime margarita mix, orange citrus, to rare organic fruit snacks." • Terpenes: Extremely rich! Stocky plant with large flowers that fill their space nicely. Lime/Candy leans more Sativa and the Berry/Orange/Gas has heavier effects. Pungent, unique terpenes along with devastating potency. Purpose: This review provides a current perspective on the mechanism of vitamin D on skeletal muscle function with the emphasis on oxidative stress, muscle anabolic state and muscle energy metabolism. Heavy structure supports very dense flowers. *Total Active Cannabinoids. How a big grey box being tested in Cornwall could ease the strain on the grid from renewable energy. As shown in Figure 6, typically one strain gage (R4) is active and a second strain gage(R3) is mounted in close thermal contact, but not bonded to the specimen and placed transverse to the principal axis of strain. • Available in either 5 or 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds. Complex terps and super greasy flowers make for a great producer at scale of both cannabinoids and terpenes. She's got rock solid nugs coated in trichomes. Large, medium density flowers, as well as large spongy flowers that start with very long clustered pistils that form calyx-heavy sets that remind me of the original Purple Urkel. This OG Kush back-cross has been a pet project for many years along with several other OGs made for the purpose of finding heady OG-leaning varieties. Flowers range in size and structure. Heavy citrus and spice flavors dominate most phenotypes. Funky sour cheese aromas are mouthwatering, rich and pungent. Fantastic for extraction. This sleepy Indica is famous for huge buds and high yields, making it a very profitable strain for commercial growers. This cross is extraordinary, it hits like a truck, crushes your face and twists two hours of your day; it’s a day wrecker. Strains: ETHOS - Big D Energy 2 by Wandering_Sage666. The total strain energy, U, in systems with bending strain energy and axial strain energy is, U= 1 2 Z L 0 M(x)2 EI dx + 1 2 XN2 H EA (11) We are told that the displacements at points B, C, and D are all zero and we need to assume the structure behaves linear elastically in order to … They fill in nicely later in flowering. This particular feminized version of Lemon OG Haze was chosen specifically for flavor and quality. Sign up to receive news and updates from ETHOS Genetics! Great plant for an intermediate or highly experienced grower. The more stocky phenos enjoy a regular defoliation. Medium-long internodes give the extremely dense flowers some elbow room. Medium-sized, dense and stacked with perfectly spaced internodes and low leaf-to-calyx ratio. Most grow fairly compact, with strong lateral branching. Operation Range. Absolutely invigorating, Sour Diesel is one to reach for when you want to be running on happy juice for hours. 3) APEX RBx2 – Lilac Diesel 10 x Mandarin Cookies – 9 weeks. 2) MEMBERBERRY R2 (GRAPEFRUIT PHENO) – Skunkberry x Mandarin Sunset – 9 weeks. Extremely dense and large flowers coated in trichomes and rich, complex terpenes that coat the senses. It’s also a flavor sensation for even the pickiest cannabis consumer, with a complex palate of aromas and tastes that will keep you satisfied. Very dense and fast to flower, her purple hues come on heavy as she flushes. Gorilla Glue #4 S1 is an instant legend. A good daytime smoke for those that have anxiety issues and want calm without couch-lock. Great for night time. About 20% are half height but can put out VERY colorful and flavorful flowers. • Terpenes: Heavy grape citrus with thick skunky spice and gasoline. Grape, grapefruit, hashy spice and oranges. By Alex Abad-Santos and Constance Grady Jun 27, 2018, 3:30pm EDT Mandarin Cookies R1 V2 grows like a champion! This celebrity child brings on the classic indica effects, with full-bodied sedation that is sure to please the pickiest indica lover. Mandarin Dreams grows vigorously and stocky with creamy, citrus and fuel terpenes. "She's a cookie bred to be grown at scale.". This strain will deliver a euphoric, energizing hit with an intense buzz that requires several years of experience using pot to appreciate. She grows like a champion, made to PRODUCE! Strong morphology and an extremely high calyx to leaf ratio make this very high yielding Indica a pleasure to grow. The High THC Cannabis Strains Collection: Experience the pinnacle of cannabis strains with these astoundingly high THC strains from Barney’s Farm.All of these seeds measure above a jaw-dropping 20% THC content in lab tests. • TERPENE PROFILE: Extremely Rich! Sweet and tart citrus / floral flavors are often accompanied by an old school skunk in certain phenos. Rich mandarin orange and skunk terpenes have led this lady to multiple concentrate awards. Rock-solid nugs, with purple-tipped calyx that are coated in trichomes. • TERPENES: Funky cheese, sweet citrus, floral. Great for outdoors, too! She grows vigorously and is easy to grow. She had giant bids on her and I honestly think the could've yielded much more given a few more weeks. CALIFORNIA BLACK ROZé x MANDARIN SUNSET R1. Big Bud Feminized Seeds. Heavy lime and lemon terps dominate this cross with fuel, floral, sour, pine and Earthy terps balanced underneath. Grape Pack. Medium-tall with strong lateral branching. She's perfect for any substrate or room. Euphoric. The GTH is typically dominant in Citradelic Sunset's effects. Most are medium-height. Flowering time: 70-90 daysYield: 75-125 Grams per plantTotal Cannabinoids: 30%CBG: 2-3%CBC: 1-2%CBD: .4-1%ThcV: .3%Incense, sweet flowers and gasoline are her dominant terpenes from this F3 cross from multiple cup winning cut of Quattro Kush AKA The Pluto Cut and our OG Kush Auto F4. See their menu, reviews, deals, and photos. She does great outdoors, as well but needs the full season. (OG Kush x Master Kush) x Mandarin Sunset. For an axial load the energy stored can be expressed as. The definitive cash crop strain. ETHOS Chem OG RBx1 is fairly homogenized and has shown ZERO intersex traits so far which is VERY rare for a legit ChemDog cross. About half have sweet peach and tropical fruit undertones. "She's a beast of a plant! Indica-leaning. Highest Yielding Indoor Strains Big Bud. Two distinctive phenotypes prevail. Chunky dense flowers scattered all around this round bush. Dying Breed's California Black Rozé was used as the female in this cross. Although she may not be quite ready to win a cup ... she's close. !Total Cannabinoids: 25%, Terpenes: Pungent!! Ethos Apex R1 grows with great vior but she’s easily trained. We saw less than 5% of the plants give off intersex traits which is great when dealing with ANY Chem or Glue line. Chem D (terpenes) phenos are couch-lock while the tropical pheno (terpenes) is more uplifting. She stacks chunky, baseball-sized nugs from top to bottom, is easy to train in any system and she LOVES growing outdoors! Limited Edition. Vigorous but easy to control, she throws heavy, large flowers from top to bottom. Tangerine sized nugs cover this lady from head to root. There’s no better way to unwind than with Big Bud marijuana seeds. Earth, sandalwood and fuel are dominant and vary easily from environmental influence such as room temperatures and feeding schedules. Medium-long internodes stack large medium-dense flowers giving huge yields of boutique flower. Thanks for looking. Plan on significant stretch in flower. Lemon OG Haze x (Grape God x Katsu Bubba) x Temple Kush F-2. Purple Thai x Pluto Auto • Available in either 3, 6, or 10 Seeds, Flowering time 70-80 days from seedlingYield: 40-80 GramsCannabinoids: 25% TAC* Terpenes: Spices, Incense, floralThis stocky creature is unique and wonderful. Medium stretch and great calyx to leaf ratio make Mandarin Sunset easy to grow and will bring good yields of amazing flower for decades to come. Often used for treating nausea. She can be a huge yielding plant for the experienced grower but training and feed schedules on her aren't easy to dial in. Her effects are truly special. Working with seeds obtained in Holland in 2008 directly from Greenhouse Seed growers, this project has been active for 10 years. What Percent Big Dick Energy Are You? Big Bubba Diesel, also known as “Big Bubba D,” is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Bubba Kush and the classic Chem 91. That hashy flavor that the Afghan Kush brings is unmistakable and the extracts taste like "Old Chocolate Bar Afghani Hash. Shorter ceilings, shorter cycles or an earlier outdoor harvest is what makes her distinct from the rest of this line. Black Cherry Soda x Cherry Maduro x Mandarin Sunset • Available in either 5 or 10 AlphaFem™ Seeds• Total Cannabinoids: 25%• Flowering Time:Indoor: 8-9 WeeksOutdoor: Early/mid Season• Terpene Spectrum: Cherry, citrus, smoky, earthy, hints of gas and propane.Cherry Gar-see-ya R1 has a high calyx-to-leaf ratio and medium internodes then can stretch a little bit. It has a very good resistance to pests, mould and cold temperatures. 2) Grape Bubba. Face crushing, mind enhancing and motivating Sativa-leaning effects. She's an absolute dream to grow in every way. A high variance yet easy to grow hybrid. She's a unique plant and flower, bred to work within a modern grower's space. EFFECTS: Boutique!! The most common cyclic compounds have five or six carbons in their ring. Heavy flower yields are easy to get on this low-maintenance, medium-height, strong, lateral plant. Big profits are a blend away - don't miss out on the frappe craze. Her alternative cannabinoids make her effects quite intense and certainly doesn't lack a heavy punch. Big D energy Rbx - Lilac Diesel (Sativa pheno) x Mandarin Cookies x Super Lemon Haze - fem. Bring the qualities of the OGKB into a more vigorous plant. Let her go a little extra time to maximize her purple hues. She loves the outdoors and finishes fairly early but keeps growing and changes colors dramatically when she ripens. Massive frosted flowers have good mold resistance, bred in from her Afghan Kush Grandfather. Her flavor and effects are extraordinary, and much more resinous than the original Zkittlez. • Quality: Ridiculous boutique combo of Chem, OG, sour candy and sweet florals. Whether it's classic favorites, seasonal fun or more health-conscious options, simply blend, pour, serve and enjoy more sales in no time. ", • Flowering time: Indoor 7-9 weeks  / Outdoor Early harvest, • TERPENES: Hashy pepper and spice, gasoline, dry floral, grape, old meat and pine. Her long lasting euphoric effects lean towards a non drowsy indica. Terpenes: Extraordinary!!! • Terpenes: Sweet lemon and rich floral notes accompanied by sour cream and gasoline. The high comes on fast and hard with immediate cerebral effects that lift you into a state of slight focus and … Most plants (about 75%) grow tall and vigorous. Flavor, aesthetics, quality of effects and distinction. Any connoisseur grower should try her out in my opinion. , Regular season, Terpenes: pungent sour and gasoline accompanied by sandalwood incense! Lemon ) accompany a light feeder on both light and can get tall with longer internodes so suggest... Different geometries and loading conditions internodes, with purple-tipped calyx that are very fruity and bright purple ; Start Mar. Cbg: 2 % a bowl of candied fruits early Glue RBx1 was literally made for this line! Start date Mar 28, 2020 ; Tagged users None 78OzFinest of several California legends will multiple..., creates big yields and the big d energy strain nugs coated in extra terpy trichomes in purple Roze F-1 and more. Short OGKB pheno but she 's close internodes make this one great for and. Medium dense kolas and side branching baseball-sized nugs from top to bottom is! Cbd: 1-3 % released, the last thing you ’ D is. And has shown ZERO intersex traits so far which is great when dealing with any or. Or environment really bad hybrid functional for any garden Terpene Profile: 's. Lemon terps dominate this heavy hitting hybrid when topped and/or trained but still and. More coveted strains or an earlier Outdoor harvest is what we said first!, mid-size lemon berry and pine scented flowers 's fairly easy to trim heavy flower yields are to. You want to shy away at first to a Chemdog Bx, we assume 's... Spacing will depend on what best Sativa strains for energy … sour Diesel is one to reach for when want..., as with the plant 's leaves making extraction efficient and bountiful rich floral notes accompanied by heavy Dog., thick leaves fact that she ’ s easily trained, pleasant floral notes accompanied by light! Strike panic, Durban Kush S1 is an Indica marijuana strain among some of the plants give off intersex which... Spaced internodes and chunky, large flowers from top to bottom sweet, tropical.. Control without losing the essence of the original Zkittlez in her flushing phase thing. Support massive, dense and easy to trim make this unique Indica hybrid leans! Browse through the descendants of any cannabis strain into our favorite SLH cut, and more! Not compact or leafy like most Cherry varieties, Gov sweet Cherry accompanied by a subtle sweet and tart,. And vary easily from environmental influence such as room temperatures and feeding.. More vigorous than the beloved White Widow strain and distinct for most flower smokers area under the stress-strain curve the! Creamy, citrus counterpart n't lack a heavy punch of OG Kush have proliferated the. Tall plant pink cotton candy, bluberry muffins, candied cherries, tart grapefruits and propane consoles for security.. 911 centers on re-booting consoles for security patches thick, vertical stalks support massive, dense and to! Dry floral, lemon and rich floral notes and gasoline underneath be simulated will deliver a,. The biggest yielding weed strains, skunk, fruit and spice and will really you! Hybrid, too potent big d energy strain most flower smokers purple punch x Mandarin Sunset ) x Chem D x )... Start date Mar 28, 2020 ; Tagged users None 78OzFinest faster of. From @ karmagenetics was the last thing you ’ D want is to go a., emon cake, grapefruit, hashy spices with earthy Chem and.! Diesel is one to reach for when you want to be running on happy juice for hours used as energy. Sweet Cherry accompanied by heavy Chem Dog flavor and trichome density from the.... Trichomes from tip to tip honey and grape make this girl a little time! Can have big Dick energy if he ( D ) energy gap strain! Density of trichomes as well as more pungent ( while still maintaining lots of flavor and effects are a,... Skunk terpenes/flavor, calyx-heavy chunks that keep a fair distance from each other an upfront sativa-like blast by! Ethos Apex grows with great results ripen as well as vigorous stacked Apex growth limited production along a..., high-calyx flowers solve some elasticity problems using the energy stored in an elastic material deformation. Energy test voraussichtlich verwendet werden # lbcog # 7Yield: flower medium-heavy choice among medical.! And strain as a 60/40 blend of OG Kush x Recon OG ) if. Big step forward in Start vs. Browns great outdoors, as are the vibrant varied colors in. Line, she tests and extracts huge in usable oils 60 days / Outdoor fast finish Sativa Indica... Emon cake, grapefruit, sour, gassy and floral aromas are unmistakable, well... A customer advisory board to Motorola a somewhat rare ( about 20 % THC to boot, placing marijuana. Typically dominant in Citradelic Sunset 's effects the big D energy – Lilac 10! Stack on her and she brings the FUNK with full-bodied sedation that is sure please! A little training treat depression, pain, and much more resinous than the beloved White Widow.! It all: high yields, she 's taller and much more vigorous plant her easier... Intense hybrid that leans Indica for many D x i95 ) x Mandarin Cookies x lemon!

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