. The Therapeutic Horticulture Programme uses plants and nature related activities to maximise the benefits of a therapeutic garden. to more than 8 museums in Singapore? This leaves many seniors at risk of loneliness and social isolation, which can, their physical and mental health. Express yourself through rhythm, beats and melodies. One way is through activities. Doing simple stretches and bodyweight exercises for just 30 minutes a day, several times a week, can make a difference. With the multitude of senior-friendly activities available on our little red dot, there is bound to be something for everyone. For a local twist, check out games from Hua Hee and KYDZ. In fact, studies have shown that Singaporean seniors who are engaged with the arts. The National Museum of Singapore is the oldest museum in Singapore and gives visitors a multimedia experience of Singapore's history and archaeological heritage. Our pool of certified caregivers are qualified to assist seniors in various activities such as feeding, dressing, washing, toileting, transferring, transport, and much more. This is the oldest and one of the most beautiful museums in the country. * 69 physical location available across Singapore to help seniors in-need. Our Night Safari is the world first nocturnal zoo and home to close to 2,500 animals of over 130 species. Got a question? Community centres now offer a variety of musical instrument courses for the aspiring musician. Read more. Learn and reminisce about Singapore’s heritage as you start the trail from the mouth of the Singapore River which is once the heart of Singapore’s commercial activity and entrepôt trade. Whether you are looking to sweat it out or simply wish to engage in light exercises, there is something for everyone. Each session includes a walk around the barrier-free accessible farm in Queenstown, followed by light exercises, before ending with a thematic hands-on activity led by the horticulture therapy-trained educators. 52 so that you’ll have a different adventure every week of the year. In fact, the number of suicides among Singaporeans aged 60 and above has been on the rise and hit an all-time high of, As caregivers, we play a key role in supporting the well-being of our loved ones, both in the mind and body. Retrieved November 19, 2015, from http://nationalmuseum.sg/exhibitions/exhibitionlist#&&activeTab=Permanent&page=0, Going to the Museum. Having recently gone through a $38-million revamp exercise, the Singapore Science Centre is ready to wow and educate visitors of all ages and abilities. 21 Fun Activities for the Elderly in Singapore. Wed, Jan 27, 09:30 + 2 more event. Venture out of home for a walk on these senior-friendly nature trails and take some time to appreciate the wonders of nature. Most elderly folks socialize through dancing sessions like ballroom, tap, Zumba and many more. Load more "For a spot of nature in this concrete jungle take a walk on the Henderson Waves Bridge, which is lovely for sights and views. Uncover two centuries of international exploration, trade and intrigue that culminated in the founding of Singapore as an entrepot in 1819. Besides helping others, volunteering is beneficial to ourselves too by helping us stay connected with society and giving us a sense of satisfaction and purpose. The coastal park here is friendly to people of all ages – it has a 400-meter long jetty – the longest jetty in Singapore – where people can fish and a multi-generational playground for the young and old. For the local table top games, try Hua Hee, Five Stones, Country Erasers or Kuti-Kuti. Along the way, be greeted by iconic landmarks that tell the story of Singapore, before ending at the War Memorial Park. Get closer to nature in our garden city with these activities. Extracted from their site — This space was set up by SG Enable, a government-established body that is dedicated to enabling people with disabilities. October 21, 2020, 3 Ubi Ave 3, #05-02B Crocodile House Singapore 408857 (Rear Lobby), (We are opposite the Traffic Police)Opening Hours:Mon to Fri: 10am - 7pm (Lunch: 1 - 2pm)Sat: 11am - 6pm, Sun: 11am - 4pmClosed on Public Holidays, 10 Elderly-Friendly Attractions in Singapore, Barrier-free routes (map available) which make it convenient for wheelchair or mobility scooter users, Automated doors, accessible lifts, parking lots and toilets, Frequent shuttle service ($2) to Bay South Gardens, Elderly-friendly rides which also offer transfer assistance, Various shows and attractions with accessible seating, Relaxing way to soak in the Singapore skyline, Family-friend flyer capsule accommodates up to 5 wheelchairs and 15 other guests, Ramps, lifts and accessible toilets on the compound, Free admission for Singaporeans and PRs, discounted senior citizen rates for foreigners, 3D and 4D movies to wow both the young and old, Singapore-centric exhibits using various technology, Sheltered, paved pathways and barrier-free access, Discounted rates for senior citizens and VWO caregivers, Unique exhibits such as panda enclosure and relaxing river boat rides, Over 50 interactive exhibits to engage curious learners of all ages, Accessible main entrance, ramps and fully-covered linkways, Special discounted rates for senior citizens, Ramps and accessible lifts within the museum compound, New exhibits every few months to encourage return visits, 90% of pathways are paved for wheelchair access, Accessible parking lots available for those with disability decal, Good place for tourists to start learning about Singapore's history and for local seniors to reminisce their younger days, http://nationalmuseum.sg/exhibitions/exhibitionlist#&&activeTab=Permanent&page=0, http://nationalmuseum.sg/visitors-info/going-to-the-museum, http://www.ifaq.gov.sg/NHB/apps/fcd_faqmain.aspx#FAQ_34957, http://www.fnetravel.com/travel_info/english/singapore-info/singapore-botanic-garden.html, http://www.newasia-singapore.com/places_to_go/themed_and_other_attraction/singapore_discovery_centre_20070601111.html, http://acm.org.sg/collections/galleries/tang-shipwreck, http://www.gardensbythebay.com.sg/en/plan-your-visit/visitor-information.html#!/services, https://www.agingcare.com/Articles/visiting-zoo-with-elder-158882.htm, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_Safari,_Singapore, Advance Care Planning & Lasting Power of Attorney (A Quick Guide), SingapoRediscovers Vouchers (SRV) for Elderly-friendly Activities, Grandparents Day Feature: 5 Favourite Elderly Characters in Shows, FREE Lunchtime Parking between 12-2PM on weekdays (except public holidays), New exhibits every few months to encourage repeated visits, National Orchid Garden is over 1000 orchid species and 2000 hybrids, perfect for tourists and locals to appreciate our national bloom, Frequent free performances in the gardens to accompany family picnics, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh.

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