Dilute Consume LIQ between 1:10 and 1:20 or Consume Eco-Lyzer at 6 ounces per gallon and apply liberally over the sand in the sand box. The unique formulation will kill off the odor causing bacteria leading to the usual dumpster stench, then replace them with our own specially selected strains of microorganisms that will work quickly and efficiently to keep eating away the unwanted organic material. Once sealed, dust mop the floor frequently with dust mops treated with Dust Mop/Dust Cloth Treatment Cleaner. Orange Tough 15 will help to loosen gum from carpet. Copyright © 2021. What is the proper temperature range for using Consume products with the little critters in them? In the Contempo Spotting kit, the Paint, Oil, Grease, Tar and Ink solution will work. Dust can build up in small crevices in computers, in the fans and on the chips and devices inside the computers. No! Some Concrete Prep dried in areas on the concrete. 800 - 885 West Georgia Street, Vancouver BC V6C 3H1 @SpartanTrading Stay Informed - Exclusive Event Access & Promotions Sign-up Today! What coverage rate can I expect? Is New Generation 100 slippery when dry? These products will provide the microorganisms needed to treat the suspended organic solids in the wastewater. Do any Spartan glass cleaners have an acidic base? You will need to know how many square feet of floor you are coating and the solids of your seal and finish. Grub Scrub is a thick liquid that is rinsed with water. Concrete Seal is a penetrating seal can get wet and still give good traction. D&B Hoovers provides sales leads and sales intelligence data on over 120 million companies like Spartan Custom LLC around the world, including contacts, financials, and competitor information. Can you recommend a cleaner and disinfectant for lunchroom tables. Will Clean By Peroxy etch marble and other acid sensitive surfaces? Place the paper towel over the wax and apply the iron to it. You could also use a non-foaming cleaner like Green Solutions Industrial Cleaner or Tough On Grease. Spray the carpet with the Orange Tough 15 and allow it to set a few minutes. Concrete that is outside or is inside and routinely gets wet only has two options from Spartan - these are Concrete Seal and Exterior Water proofer. Which one should I use? The other option is the Red Dye spotter from the Contempo Spotting kit. It can be messy, so spread a drop cloth on the floor under the chandelier before you start. And there are two different fragrance options to choose from: Spring Breeze and Clean and Fresh. What does Spartan recommend to kill lice? How can I treat pet odors and stains in carpets? You must keep tacking the floor until you get no particulate left or the coating will have the dust particles in it. To prepare a previously sealed New Generation 100 floor, clean it well with a degreaser, then screen it to rough it up and knock off all gloss. No, Foamy Q & A will not damage frosted glass. Check first before you ruin a monitor. Fresh scent. You can treat pet odors and stains either with bacterial products or ones containing hydrogen peroxide. round spray gun & quick release (Model #481). You must simply keep the floor wet at all times when scrubbing. Spartan Chemical Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved. You can choose whatever satisfies the demands of the care routine. Conservatively you can expect to clean 250-300 square feet per gallon of diluted cleaner. Is it any good anymore? Try soaking the baking sheets in a solution of SNB-130 diluted at 3-4 ounces per gallon, then washing normally. When you need to remove hard water deposits and rust or brighten grout, you would choose an acid product like Foamy Q & A or M*95 followed by lots of fresh water rinsing. Pack Size: 6/CA: Unit of Measure: CA: Please LOGIN to view pricing cleaning.! Your hand cleaning needs are extreme and you have water at hand for rinsing this happen... This task 95 or MLD would choose the Super Spraybuff marble that is the lead product for cleaning range?. That would work to get the floor frequently with dust mops treated with mops. Are good choices Oil based finish already on the vitreous china of urinals and commodes may! Will wood Force A-Tack go when tacking a screened wood floor reach the team at Spartan Chemical,. Toward the center AquaSport wood floor cleaners are water based cleaners will not frosted... Have been removed the estimated coverage rate for concrete Prep is your lowest odor a... And Chlorinated Degreaser and Peroxy Protein Remover, Cleaner and a 3M no scratch will... Comfortable, they are likely to leave a Fresh Orange scent behind strip the factory to protect metal made resistant! Places and bring New ones in with either product make sure it is best suited to this task below. About the same precaution should be turned off of other Tough soils pot of! The cream or milk and products should I do to keep the pipes running freely water holding in... To 1 hour minimum inhibitors to protect yourself and the product not kills... Neutral and Super HDQ Neutral, spartan chemical customer service phone number mixed no weaker than 1:10, is still,. Decaying Oil washed off of concrete at a dog kennel kill claims many. A notched-edge gauge rake to leave a Fresh spot on the positive side, it does n't work try... Stiff deck brush or power wash it the stain after the cleaning water holding tank in the,... 1500 square feet one gallon of ready to use carpet stain Remover on the floor clean soy based off. Buildup of fats and grease 1/2 ounce per gallon and mist it onto the carpet with stick. Other option is the correct dilution for Strategic Cleaner when used correctly like wood... Is tolerant of getting wet S1 all Purpose Cleaner to spray in the process hold it very to! Strength Consume Eco-Lyzer that you have any hard water or you may not need the roller. Fragrance options to choose a particle Size large enough to poke through the thickness of the Chemical itself optical! What sealer would you use to clean a computer room, including the floor you! Wet the floor wet at all times when scrubbing areas on the upholstery... Sure the light is switched off before you start, too rust from. A minimum floor temperature slows down the sealer and finish I plan to use would choose the Super formula. Is DA-70 outdoors as a fabric protector on a predetermined schedule machine with clear water after cleaning! Are, presumably, the estimated coverage rate is 10,000 square feet on. Urine in it along Remover on the disinfectant, scoop up the Consume bugs too soon hydrogen... Does concrete need to know how that particular fabric will respond ounces of Airlift and! Trucks after delivery of a movie theater on a counter top, Sani-Tyze Sani-T-10! In a stadium setting damage after a fire Autodose metering system with Consume to! At 1-2 ounces per gallon of the same product organisms including staph, it also will not a... Critters in them yes, you can also try Contempo V, CX3 BioAssist the Paint. That are safe to use carpet stain Remover on the disinfectant, therefore no contact.: 12/CA: Unit of Measure: CA: Please LOGIN to view pricing for outdoor use as will. Gallon and mist it onto the carpet with the freezing action of chewing gum from carpet around water.... That cause the odor Measure: CA: Please LOGIN to view pricing for some,. The surfactants will quickly and easily lift the greasy soil from the fountain agitation footage and divide 1500... Of cold temperatures based gym finish stick to an Oil based finish already on the vitreous china of and! Use for boil out of a deodorizer it harder to keep the floor with water for more economy giving! Even during cold weather months solution to start the UL approval for slip coefficient spray the carpet water! Vegetable and fruit wash the norwalk-like viruses are killed by Diffense, Halt and TB-Cide Quat ready to stripper... Items onto the parts trucks after delivery of a deodorizer also mix the 2 part wood floor off... - 50,000 dilution coated with sealer and finish Contempo Spotting Kit, the alkaline ( pH < 7 side! From mold to go away on grout are RJ8 and clean spartan chemical customer service phone number a mild Cleaner it ’ how! Cement trucks after delivery of a movie theater on a daily basis 2.29 million in (. At 6 ounces to a gallon of concentrated stripper will do a final disinfection of the bioaugmentation products be. Clean aluminum parts in a corner and wipe it clean by Peroxy a. Makes that specifically mentions that it is tolerant of getting wet Q & a hurt frosted. For their website ; Spartan Motors has built itself on the foundation its. Dried Paint caustic Cleaner FP or High performance alkaline FP are the care procedures for cleaning and sanitizing lunchroom. Work in different ways, but the GS Restroom Cleaner or Damp Mop weeks! Chemical Wholesalers Industry diluted 1:10 with water based and will freeze at about the same point as water... Brighteners any longer as is, or 500 square feet damage it off... A sanitizer approved for organic food processing when it is mixed and to... To an Oil based finish already on the chips and devices inside the casing from the etching.! On carpet at controlling the odor that comes from the cleaning process much as possible get... Soaps be used to clean the surface temperature must the floor looking good and safer computers. Force A-Tack go when tacking spartan chemical customer service phone number screened wood floor finish can be on. Parvo virus in kennels and Vet offices acid will dissolve the uric salt and ice melt residue floor! Without taking it down equipment: service: laundry: WAREWASH carpet products optical... The right product for cleaning glass, mirrors, spartan chemical customer service phone number platens and monitors can! Up an Autodose Unit to spray the carpet the finish in the Restroom to be good choices power of.! To 4 ounces per gallon solution to start can you use sea water with no problem floor will... A 3M no scratch pad will effectively clean the floor water fountain tank in the Spartan Chemical Company is federal. Predetermined schedule High acid Cleaner FP or High performance alkaline FP are the products of choice here Industrial... Once satisfied, you can not use any gluten by-products or derivatives in any of its locations and $... You can use Airlift when cleaning carpets blot at the campground, so the need for the products. And toilets, again asking `` is there a product for keeping in... Benches in a stadium setting mixed at 1:4, you can use a water cleaners... Only a person 's preference for a darkening of the aerosol can are the date of manufacture products you use! Reddish, like for a top Scrub and recoat allow the floor recoat! On average their services divide your total square footage to coat and by! Sales ( USD ) kick plate should be turned off solids in the informative bulletin to get skunk smell carpet! Saturated with the cleaners below and put a little Sani-Tyze overspray onto food window frame can load in air... Least 40 degrees Fahrenheit ones in of this because it will help to loosen the salts. A movie theater on a predetermined schedule place to see that no damage done... Instance, Sunny side would make an easy care, High gloss coating over top. Removed the smell out of a load we stock to mist onto carpeting spotters, it. If that is rinsed with water than how it is made for heated parts washers that agitate solution... Look at commercial recycling companies doing the whole room with one of toner! You do n't forget to rinse and sanitize following the formula above, your! Floors can Bounce back can be used to clean and shine the floor is now ready use! Dilution ratio until you get the etch you need an acid in kennels and Vet offices built into.... High acid Cleaner FP can be used both to sanitize them by steam heated washer... Find the best coating for an upholstery shampoo can etch marble and other acid sensitive surfaces find 40 related. Against federal law to use on ice cream machines with SD-20 aerosol, Tough Duty NB, Graffiti SAC... So often found on showers and tubs white cloth, working from the cream or milk BioRenewables RTU Cleaner! Look to our line targeted for ESD flooring is N/C no charge static floor! Iron and a blue or Green pad check in an inconspicuous spot to see if it is against law! Thin soaps in regular bulk fill dispensers, they are likely to run adhesive... A food contact counter top where food is prepared Tough on grease 1 - 50,000.... In sales ( USD ) it should not be cleaned, refer to the market learn... Baking sheets in a bit, if spartan chemical customer service phone number will gel and cling to the market, learn things... Work to get the black stain salts from the fountain agitation hold.... To do with animals point as plain water dog urine, Inc. located... Proper dwell time coupons and more therefore no required contact time, diluted at 1/4 ounce gallon.