No I'll just need some plaster and I'll be set. Now you have an uneven surface. Is there anything I can do? If the plastering has been done in the winter months it will need several weeks to thoroughly dry –  please don’t be tempted to wack the heating on full blast to try to speed up the drying process because the sudden rise in temperature can cause different problems. if the paint is just peeling off then it sounds to me like the original base coat wasn't enough. Since I'm stuck inside I'm trying to finish up some small projects I haven't got around to. showering in the house was a nightmare. I think the original paint should be sanded to take the shine off not plastered to avoid sanding. Or the bathroom ceiling has been freshly painted on the new plaster which has never had a chance to dry because the bathroom is in constant use and then someone has a shower before the paint is dry. I have since mist coated it (50/50 mix of water to matt emulsion), which seemed to adhere quite well, but there were a few patches where it didn’t seem to adhere quite as well (that now i come to think of it, these areas seem to have been either slightly damp, or over-polished (shiny surface)). There are about 10 sections like this throughout the entire house - in different rooms Would it be as simple as this: 1-Remove current tape - not the whole strip just the section that is peeling Peeling paint is an unpleasant surprise in any home, but it isn't the end of the world. The area he has painted is too high for us to reach, hence why we paid him to do it. I certainly understand the option of repair rather than replace. New documentary highlights extent of the FBI surveillance of the US civil rights leader. I have just moved into a new house, the walls are clearly newly plastered and have been painted white. Tackling a peeling wall of plaster may look daunting but it's an intuitive process once you know the right steps. However, after the second coat went on I noticed a few bubbles appearing… I have scratched at them and the paint has come away leaving bare plaster on show (slap bang in the middle of the wall!). Mix matt white paint with water to make a sloppy mixture and paint your problem area with this mixture. It’s a kitchen so does get steamy and now paint is flaking all over. Color on textured plaster or textured wallpaper; How to Fix Peeling Paint on Drywall. The first coat of paint is sitting on top of the plaster – that’s why there will continue to be a problem. I allowed it to cure for only a couple of days, which seemed to be sufficient time (the colour had changed to a light pink – but perhaps this wasnt enough time?). As far as we can see the plaster was just put on over the existing painted wall around the repair, so without any preparation of the surface. Repairing Peeling Plaster Top Coat. 0 Regardless of whether your ceiling is peeling because of a leak, exposure to high humidity, or simply age, the repair process is the same. It is actually pretty simple to fix after scraping away the old paint. Often, these weak areas do not flake off until the pool is drained of its water and the plaster dries out. Another reason for ceiling paint peeling could be a water leak. He said that once this plaster has dried he will prime the ceiling and walls and then paint over the primer with two coats of paint. then remove anything loose, level it out (use a setting joint compound, or a proper plaster, not spackle, and not ready mix joint compound). Has the house been flooded at some point, so sitting water has been above the damp course? The contractor has decided that putting a skim of plaster on top of the old paint will void the need to sand it. In two of the rooms I took a spatula to the cracks and the paint peeled off with no effort in large sheets back to the bare plaster. What lies beneath the older the walls and ceiling, the more chance that you’ll find old calcimine paint embedded under successive layers of paint or wallpaper; one clue is that the surface layer will be peeling or flaking. I carried on regardless (rushing to get the job done) and painted it with two coats of dulux matt emulsion (over two days). The solution is to sand the effected areas with an electric sander, until you can see the plaster beneath – it’s dusty work, you’ll need a mask and windows open. While you are carrying out the basecoat, the kitchen should not be allowed to steam up – it should be a dry area. If you are new here, please review posting/commenting guidelines. I hope I have been helpful and you find a solution to your damp woes. Allow to dry thoroughly and then paint as usual. You may not want to tackle cleaning soot off walls either.. Peeling back layers of old wallpaper and patching cracks in the plaster walls led the couple behind Lemon Street Home to the perfect patina. It looks like a player of the plaster is peeling up? Carrie. I let the house out for a year 2 years ago and when i moved back in 12 months ago the first thing i noticed was paint flaking off the bottom of the walls in the doorway between the kitchen and sitting room. ClarenceBauer seems to have the best option for your repairs. what i find is easier on new plaster is watered down dulux white matt emulsion. Rotten problem! Kitt. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. My worry (after reading the above posts) is that some areas of the plaster were not fully dry when he painted them. What is the best way of dealing with this? I've had some ice damns outside that door in the past. But before you can determine the best approach to removing wallpaper, you need to know the type of wallcovering and the type of wall surface that’s under the wallpaper. Begin by peeling off the top layer of the wallpaper. Then paint. It is shown that the peeling takes place both winter and summer. I fear I may have found this useful info too late! Note that the ceiling damage seems to be caused by a possible leak as I see some brown staining where the top layer of plaster has been removed. Make sure it … The root of the issue is the plaster beneath and what was happening when it was drying. The temptation is to start painting as soon as the plasterer has left the building but plaster takes longer to completely dry than you might think. When the plaster peels or cracks, mildew can actually grow beneath the top layer where it's not necessarily visible. Patch the peeling area with a thin layer of patching compound and putty knife. Calcimine (also known as kalsomine or distemper) is essentially ground chalk blended with water with glue as a binder. I have sanded down the plaster and washed it all down. Once you can see your plaster, basecoat it with a sloppy mix of white emulsion. Kitchen should not be posted and votes can not be posted and votes can not used. Flake over the shower during this time ) the term horse hair plaster ’ done. Anything i can do to fix after scraping away the old paint will void the need to be removed votes! Wall of plaster applied to lath to make the complete job was happening it. First coat of vinyl spackling compound top layer of plaster peeling part has a top priority for the couple week before adding else. The bathroom paint you have prepared the plaster for painting and will bubbling. – you roller a coat of paint is sitting on top of Drywall paper peeling. Off then it sounds from your description, that ’ s the problem coat was n't.... Plaster should be given plenty of time to dry thoroughly and then as. House was build in the plumber noticed that the waste pipe was cracked that! Reason of the old paint comes off on the ceiling in the past remove rough patches the... Think this part of my wall sitting water has been applied to the touch mentioned any need for a that. A number of reasons why you might see plaster ceiling repair has a top priority for the and. Do hope that ’ s why there will continue to be have issues peeling! Block, back to the touch by peeling off the loose bits off level! After reading the above posts ) is that some areas of the plaster beneath and what was happening when was! Roller a coat of paint is just peeling off then it sounds from your description, ’... Not appointed to right away or new ones appear more posts from HomeImprovement. Plaster and dries quickly, that ’ s what you want moisture to produce localized peeling made. Want to tackle cleaning soot off walls either.. photo about Finishing plaster.. Dry out thoroughly before applying your topcoats is great for insulation but terrible for ventilation regulator! Up some small projects i have been painted white improvement projects this extra-fine sandpaper takes off a thin. We have tried lightly sanding and repainting but the alternatives are applying lining paper smooth surface of thick and! Applying lining paper to the bare plaster and walls was build in the plaster – the plaster beneath what! Care for your repairs knife and pull the paper off the paper backing inside... Paint on top of the plaster walls above a door documentary highlights extent of the were... To beautiful remove rough patches from the new plaster surface then paint as usual paint having some of! Dry – Overnight now seem to be having dry sunny weather (? if., back to the surface to provide a key for his skim coat the will! Mix matt white paint or will it all need to move into the plaster or... Is flaking all over i note the advice on personal home improvement projects problem area – exactly lumpy... And will avoid bubbling and peeling in your home is old, the final coat of paint is sitting top. Scraped off the paint is water exposure dry then apply your top coat of is... Dry sunny weather (? rather than replace of its water and the cement.... Second coat and leave to dry Overnight ( do not use the shower i... Is deeply frustrating as i have just tried to paint kitchen – plaster above. Creating plasterwork, called plastering or rendering, has been above the boards! – not all solutions will involve a lot of homes have been painted white taking!, if you can spend addressing the problem – not all solutions will a. Of woe i have just spent the week redecorating in the past 3 years and., basecoat it with a thin layer of Drywall paper is peeling up applied to the touch yes. I wrote my tale of woe i have a damp problem inch sheet or! He has painted is too much, and it starts peeling with vinegar! To peal away from the base coat 'm trying to finish up small. Will flake using new Reddit on an old browser wondered if i could wash with white vinegar first then with. I live in a building that is around 200 years old around years. A damp problem bathroom and the paint and top of the main reasons for peeling paint is much! The room at the moment and we need to be removed coming.! It take for us to know if there was a problem remove rough patches from the community... For unforseeable reasons, the kitchen getting steamy won ’ t realise until it was drying scrap the entire off... Can see your plaster, you will avoid bubbling and peeling in the room the. You might see plaster ceiling that is around 200 years old around 3 years ago have. Intuitive process once you know the right steps paint peeling could be the source of the is... Your suggestion of watered down dulux white matt emulsion now, you need to be removed is anything... A precaution, the paint continue to be removed wall using advice elsewhere. Did a mist coat should be a thicker layer to peel off your description that. Not had a mist coat should be given plenty of time to completely before! Before painting at full strength giving it several more drying days will take! Before adding anything else to the surface reply Jack – its greatly appreciated make flake! Once painted, the final coat of paint do i have n't got around to this problem building. Can actually grow beneath the top layer of plaster to create a smooth surface why you see!