She tells him that she has heard all the stories of how he had no control over his bloodlust. She is able to link herself to Marcel to save his life, but was weakened as a result. Josh asks her if he had gone after Aiden. Planet am 12.04.2020 22:29 In Staffel 3 wurde doch die Blutlinie von Klaus durch Dawina gelöst. Die Ahnen nehmen Rache an Davina und lassen sie ermorden. First seen Kol greets her, preparing the spell for the dagger. At the compound, a confrontation began between Davina and Klaus. She is reluctant to hand over the dagger as Kol gave it to her for protection, and she'll decide if it gets used. Davina: It must really suck to have to be you all the time. Later, Davina was able to perform a spell along with Vincent that negated the new Regent's Magic Neutralization spell. Her life was pretty normal before the Elder of her mother's coven, Bastianna, chose her as a candidate for the Harvest Sacrifice. Furthermore, Marcel used her power, as well as her anger toward the witches, to his advantage, by monitoring and restricting their use of magic in the Quarter. Davina incapacitated Klaus first, by breaking his bones and forcing him to partially shift into a werewolf. The-originals gibt es bei eBay ; Davina Claire Allgemeine Daten Geboren 1995/96 (New Orleans, 18-19 Jahre) Gestorben 2011 (1. She was also able to consecrate Ariane's corpse and by doing so gave her access to the Ancestral Plane. Kol offers her his help in the spell to unlink her friends. Staffel von The Originals für Dich zusammen. In Wild at Heart, Davina is dealing with the effects of being shunned by her coven. Davina is called by Kol to the City of the Dead where he tells her about Esther's plans for her. During this time she was also shown to cast fire spells, as she demonstrated with the light show, as her Harvest element was Fire at the Annual Casket Girls Festival. With Mikael revived, he slaughters the remaining vampires in the compound before finding the White Oak Stake so that he could kill Klaus. Mar 8, 2019 - Explore Darrell Ball's board "The originals davina", followed by 163 people on Pinterest. In June 2018 she was cast in a starring role in the CBS All Access television drama series Tell Me a Story. Feeling betrayed by Marcel and refusing to be used by Klaus, Davina searched for a way out of the French Quarter to hide, as she was sought after by both Klaus, Marcel, and the vampires, as well as Sophie, Sabine, and the witches. She said she even took piano lessons as a child, and confessed that she missed being able to play it; since she's in hiding, Marcel did not want her to play piano in case the noise revealed her presence in the church. Over the course of the series, Davina becomes more independent, ambitious and determined. In Alone with Everybody, after hearing her boyfriend vent his frustrations about Finn she tried to distract him but he almost fed on her, unable to control his bloodlust. Davina pointed out that she's only sixteen, so she isn't allowed into clubs. Davina replies that she doesn't care about his secrets, before he is summoned magically by his mother as magical symbols burn onto his arms. Rebekah comes in and makes her fall asleep by injecting a sedative into her body. Eventually, Bastianna chose Davina and her three friends Monique, Abigail and Cassie for reasons unknown, seemingly due to greater potential for magic than the other candidates. So, they try something different. She is very loyal to her friends, as everything she's currently planning to do it for them, to remove a tyrant from their lives so that he, Klaus, can't hurt them anymore. The Originals’ Davina has been determined to bring back Kol ever since she lost him earlier this season, and now that she’s just a quick chant away from making that reunion a reality, n… The Hollow confirmed that Davina was now linked to her, and that he couldn't kill her without killing Davina. Claire † (Mother)Kol Mikaelson (Husband)Mikael † (Father-in-Law)Esther Mikaelson † (Mother-in-Law)Freya Mikaelson (Sister-in-Law)Finn Mikaelson † (Brother-in-Law)Elijah Mikaelson † (Brother-in-Law)Niklaus Mikaelson † (Half Brother-in-Law)Rebekah Mikaelson (Sister-in-Law)Henrik Mikaelson † (Brother-in-Law)Hope Mikaelson (Niece/Through Kol)Keelin (Sister-in-Law) Davina becomes infuriated that she is constantly told what she can and cannot do, and she angrily throws the vampire through a window with telekinesis. After Davina escapes due to Marcel's betrayal, she eventually returns after Tim's life is in danger, the two are reunited. Played by Later, after convincing Kol to do so, Davina searches the Compound for the "Fauline Paragon Diamond". She said that she missed seeing him, listening to him as he played his violin. Share the best GIFs now >>> She brings Aiden to the tomb. Staffel “The Originals” hat es wirklich in sich gehabt. The hungry vampires gather around them. Danielle Campbell. Marcel played the overprotective father role in her life. However, instead of killing her, Lucien lets Davina live telling her that the Ancestors have a plan for her. Blue She is successful in Finding Finn, informs Klaus of his location, that he's channeling their parents and is using representative magic. Davina gets back to the cabin and calls Kol to help her out with her ankle. 'The Originals' react: Davina intervention. Davina explained that she had revived him thanks to the power left over from Klaus' sireline breaking. After being offered a membership in The Sisters and a resurrected spell for Kol. See more ideas about davina, davina claire, the originals davina. He started to play a song for her, but Klaus appeared and tried first to kindly convince her to join his side instead of Marcel's. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Zu unserem Glück spielt sie seit 2013 die Rolle Davina Claire und begeistert uns als mächtige Hexe aus dem French Quarter. March 22nd, 1996 (age 31/33) French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, United States. Back in the crypt, Davina performs the resurrection spell where to her surprise, a woman hand shoots out of the hardened dirt. During the night, she is with Josh to say farewell as he is planning to leave the city with Aiden, however, the two of them come across Aiden's body. Davina took the opportunity to consecrate Ariane as a New Orleans witch. Even though it happened off-screen, Kol mentioned that using him as a bait to distract Finn, while Davina and Aiden were rescuing the vampires, was indeed her idea. Davina tried the spell once more and successfully unlinks Hayley and Sophie, which saved the life of the unborn Hope Mikaelson. Josh apologized for everything that Davina had been through, but she told him not to be, because she planned to destroy them all, and once they were gone, she believed everything would go back to normal, so she could have her old life back. She was supposed to erase his memory of her but she didn't. In a last-ditch effort to thwart the Ancestors, she successfully untethers the Ancestral Plane, from New Orleans, by activating the Dépôt D'argent created by Eva Sinclair, preventing their interaction with the living witches as well as cutting them off from their use of additional magic. However, before she releases Mikael to do her bidding, she seeks to undo Klaus' sireline, so that Marcel and Josh will not be killed along with him. It was mentioned that she took piano lessons. Davina angry, tells Kol that Klaus is the real problem, but after Cami shows up and they discover what happened to her, Davina starts seeing Esther as a threat as well. Episode Count Josh promised her that he would keep her secret because he owed her his life, and they pinky-swore it, which began their friendship. Given the Original's desiccated state, Elijah can barely contain his bloodlust, as his enhanced hearing causes him to hear the blood pulsing throughout Davina's body, thinning away what self-control he has. 1 Early Life 2 The Originals Season 2 3 The Originals Season 4 4 Personality 5 Trivia 6 Appearances In Seven Months Later, she briefly appears in Freya's nightmare. Davina used these ingredients with Esther's resurrection spell as the Other Side was collapsing to make his spirit flesh. Hayley is impressed with Davina as she admits she wants to lead the covens in a new direction and lifted The Crescent Curse seeing she would rather have Hayley as a friend, not a slave. He then told her that he was going to be better for her. Additionally, she received visions, a form of divination, of the witch's past actions, and in the case of Kol, his deception. Marcel tells her he cares for her and took her in as his own, although their relationship is far from being repaired. When she arrived back in her room, she found that Elijah had awoken from being daggered, after she had removed the dagger to examine it, not knowing that by doing so, the dagger would no longer be coated in white oak ash and thus ineffective. She is also a former Harvest Witch born in the French Quarter of New Orleans, the former Regent of the Nine Covens, and a former member of the Sisters. Among others, Davina has been shown to have the following powers: Davina has the typical weaknesses of a witch. After trying to summon him with her bracelet, Davina realizes that Mikael will kill Klaus, so she decides to start her spell. The witches later felt betrayed by Davina, and when she was finally sacrificed in the Harvest and her spirit went back into the earth with the rest of the deceased New Orleans witches who practiced ancestral magic, the Ancestors shunned her until she was resurrected. As Esther's body arises, Rebekah comes in and Davina is angry at her, then it was revealed by Elijah that Rebekah had just been distracting Davina so he could switch the ashes. Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire threaten to destroy the city. When he and Vincent travel to the Ancestral plane, with Josh acting as a life-link, in order to cut off the Ancestors from the physical plane, Vincent manages to conjure fragments of Davina's soul, by channeling Davina's favorite record, via a spell. They formed an alliance due to their shared hatred of Klaus and conspired against him, with that they grew close to each other. After death, Davina was able to reach out to Kol, to which Vincent conjured her soul back into the Ancestral Plane. However, when Marcel and his vampires appeared, they effectively ended the sacrifice by killing the majority of the witches in attendance. But when Kol explains his situation, Davina believes him and asks him to show her how he dispelled her bracelet. [5][10] In April 2015, Campbell shot the movie Race To Redemption in which she starred alongside Aiden Flowers and Luke Perry; the movie was released in 2016. Davina informs Klaus that she beat him yet again. Davina is a member and the last surviving witch of the Claire Family and a relative to the Mikaelson Family due to her marriage with Kol. Biographical information But once Klaus learned the source of his power beyond sacrifice, Tunde's twin sons, he killed them and then Papa Tunde. Kol grudgingly agreed but told them he'd rather take his chances outside with the risk of being killed with the white oak than have to stay with them. Davina kept busy with Josh and confirming that Marcel's missing Strix members were dead. Sophie convinces everyone the only way to save the city is to finish the Harvest. Davina and Josh share a hug, before he departs. Following Davina's shunning from the Nine Covens of New Orleans, she was left dis-empowered and her connection to the Ancestors disappeared, seemingly permanent. Her parents are Georganne and John Campbell, and she has a younger brother. Danielle is Davina's best friend and sister for life. She was able to cast a pain infliction spell, en masse on three werewolves, which is usually exhibited by more powerful witches. Davina jokes that at least Josh's boyfriends showed up so, he grabs her hand and spins her around to make her feel better. Mal) 2014 (3. Davina can't hold back tears and cries. Rebekah leads her outside where Rebekah distracts her while Elijah is busy in the crypt exchanging Kol's ashes for Esther's. Davina and Kol go on a date later that night, and get to know each other. He eventually left Davina alone at the church, and when Marcel found her and asked her what happened, she was too angry to tell him. Davina has a hard time since returning to the Witches, which was intensified by how much disdain she felt from Monique, her former best friend. All the while Davina justifies herself, even while she feels guilty. Finn blocked her locator spell, so, Davina sets up a circle with ruins made of salt, in an attempt to try something different. While she labors over the spell to perform this, she meets and falls in love with Kol Mikaelson, in the body of Kaleb Westphall, though he's eventually killed by Finn Mikaelson, who was possessing Vincent Griffith. When Kol asks her if she trusts him, Davina nods in return, confirming her trust for him. In Staffel 3 von "The Originals" arbeitet Davina Claire (Danielle Campbell) mit den Strix zusammen, um Kol Mikaelson wieder zum Leben zu erwecken. Seemingly, Davina, instructed by Ariane and, by extension her coven can draw their immense power from a form of Empathic Magic, a strong desire of the witch, which has been previously described by Abby Bennett Wilson as the source of "Black Magic". When Cami tries to talk to her, Davina tells her that nothing that she learned in books will help her. The magical energy of the three other Harvest witches who died were transferred to her, which is what gave her such immense power. He tried to convince her to stop trying, understanding she was attempting to bring him back but promising her it wasn't worth it with the price she'd have to pay. Davina the originals schauspielerin The-originals u.a. Kol was familiar with Aya, surprised that she hadn't been killed yet. Davina makes up her mind that she wants to become Regent of the nine covens in New Orleans. Davina now harbors hatred for her former coven, and takes great pleasure in seeing them suffer. As an internal struggle of power among the witch progressed in Season Three, Davina takes drastic measures to quell a threat against her life and orders the execution of a rebellious witch, ultimately leading to the massacre of many others. Kol Mikaelson is an Original Vampire. Using a candle that would allow her to speak to Kol as long as it was lit, Davina summoned Kol's spirit and he was happy to see her but disappointed to see she had joined the Sisters. She responds with that she is sure that she wants to use the power on Kol. Davina went to public school with a boy named Tim, whom she met at age 10, and for whom she developed romantic feelings. Davina and Aiden sneak into the shop to rescue the vampires, but Finn wakes them up. Davina and Vincent then meet up with the elders. Feeling betrayed by her own kind, Davina became what Marcel called "an ace up his sleeve," and helped him keep control over the witches by keeping him informed every time she sensed a New Orleans witch doing magic. Before her death, Davina forgives Marcel because he saved her and accepts her fate, because she thinks that it would be selfish to take everyone else with her. Elijah realizes she has the stake however and informs Marcel. In retribution, Kol didn't prepare Angelica Barker but another witch and the spell that Davina did not only jammed Esther's power, but landed Rebekah in the body of a witch, trapped in a cottage. Allerdings entwickeln beide Gefühle füreinander, sodass sie ihm schnell verzeihen kann, als sie erfährt, wer er ist. Title(s) Recognizing several objects as having been spelled by witches, Davina takes some to use in her ritual to revive Mikael. Davina has not shown to be able to do this anymore since her sacrifice. She began to be overwhelmed by her feelings, which resulted in her magic shaking the entire church, as there was an earthquake. Davina's pink coat on The Originals . TV-Serie. The Originals Quotes. Occupation Davina is using her magic to shield the candle when Celeste rejects Davina's pleas and causes her to start bleeding from her eyes. She hugs him and tells him that he was stood up by a guy. The two of them bicker and Davina seems almost amused. She insisted that it wasn't Marcel's fault, because she knew he was just trying to keep her safe from her "coven of psycho witches who want to sacrifice [her] in a blood ritual." When Marcel arrived to thank her, she assumed that it was Klaus and/or Rebekah who tried to kill him, but he informed her that it was actually Klaus who saved him. They are best friends and would do anything for each other. Kol warns her to leave because his brother isn't going to be grateful. In When the Levee Breaks, Davina is approached by Aiden and Josh to create an object that will prevent Hope from using magic, so that Hayley and Jackson can escape with her. Gender In I Love You, Goodbye, Kol died from Finn's curse, leaving Davina devastated. In a bit of irony, Davina has started to show personality traits similar to that of Klaus. Since the ritual wasn't completed, Davina had the magic of the three other harvest witches who were sacrificed before her. In A Streetcar Named Desire, her most notable feat this episode was unlinking Klaus' sireline and using a Nexus Vorti to bring back Kol, having saved the blood of both Elijah and Klaus from the de-linking spell. Davina's velvet dress on The Originals . Davina beholds the Ancestral Element Fire. The family relationship between Kol Mikaelson, Davina Claire-Mikaelson, and their daughter, Henriikka. Rebekah tries to explain that she had no other choice but to return to her body. Davina accompanies Marcel and Camille to a storage room where Father Kieran had stored many dark objects and other tools that he could use as weapons against the supernatural. In doing so, Marcel saved Davina's life and she lived with him for eight months afterwards. In Rebirth, Davina has returned to high school after telling her coven that she was done with them. In The Battle of New Orleans, Josh and Davina are sitting outside in the sun, with Mikael's ghost haunting Davina. While the Sisters attacked Hayley, Kol told Davina to use the candle and Kol's spirit to knock herself out and her connection with the Sisters would bring them down too. Suddenly, Sabine and three witches attack them and knock down Cami. High School Student (Formerly)Member of the French Quarter Coven (Formerly)Harvest Witch (Formerly)[2]Member of The Ancestors (Formerly)Regent of the New Orleans Witch Community (Formerly; Shunned)Member of The Sisters (Formerly)Gatekeeper of the Ancestral Magic of New Orleans (Currently) Later, catching up with Marcel before the wedding, he asks for her advice about Declan, a human who found out about the supernatural community in New Orleans. Red and blue are the colors she wears often. In Voodoo in My Blood, she and the other Ancestors talk to Hope to have her tell her parents to go to St. Anne's Church so they could tell them about The Hollow. After Kol makes a remark, Davina tells him to shut up. Die 5. Davina was unaware that Kaleb's body is under the possession of Kol until she touched him during a spell in Red Door. He gives her a gift to win her over and after refusing it at first, Klaus says he will pardon Josh, so she accepts it. She and Mikael spar for a few moments after he tells her that he can overcome werewolf venom and seemingly is not affected by it. Kol interrupts before it gets too heated. The Originals (2013-2018) The Originals. Klaus gets up easily and bites her after she taunts him using Mikael, telling him that he is weak and that he couldn't even kill Mikael when he had the chance. Do you like music?" Mary-Alice Claire † (Ancestor)Unknown FatherMs. Sophie approaches the others with some startling information about the Harvest Festival and presents a drastic plan to save Davina. Davina's army green jacket on The Originals . Once Davina was brought back to life, she returned to her coven for a while, but left after Monique and Abigail were killed. She successfully resurrects and binds Mikael to her as part of her plan to kill Klaus. Davina believes otherwise, insisting that she doesn't have time and if he has a better idea, he should tell her. She steps up on the altar and turns around facing the covens before giving a speech that the witches will no longer be used or afraid. Davina takes one down, however, it's revealed that there's more of them. Davina Claire Hayley smiles widely, thrilled by this gift, and Davina smiles back at her happily too. After she is resurrected she starts wearing trousers, jackets, and blouses with different colors and patterns. Marcel later contacts her and she goes to meet him, reuniting with him. In Where Nothing Stays Buried, Davina finds herself in the Ancestral Plane after her consecration. They were told that the knife that was used on their palms for the blood sacrifice would put them in a peaceful limbo. After Davina and Kol made a golden bracelet, she has never seen without it. After some witty remarks, Davina begins to tell the story about the Hollow, revealing her real name, the magic performed on her and what became of her. When Davina later woke she swore vengeance against the Mikaelsons but still helped locate Dahlia under Marcel's request. Davina visits and starts to talk to a neutralized Kol, however, the whole of New Orleans begins to shake as the Ancestors try to remove Kol's dagger. After she finally removed Klaus' compulsion from Josh's mind, she proudly informed him that he was free. Synchronfirma: Cinephon Filmproduktions GmbH, Berlin. Josh is surprised to not have heard applause from the witch and it is revealed that she has left and has gone to her ancestral crypt, where she gathers ingredients for a spell and drinks dark fluid once it's finished. She runs up to him, grabs his hand and realizing that he's cold, asks him if he's okay. At a meeting, Davina declares that the Ancestors don't want another turf war with the city vampires. In the meantime, Josh received a phone call from Klaus, informing him that Klaus had Tim in his custody, again, which ultimately lured Davina back to the Abattoir. She also starts wearing jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces. Klaus reminds her that they share a mutual interest, but Davina answers that he doesn't care about Kol, so their goals aren't the same. Davina held control over Mikeal until his son. Marcel promises to get revenge for her death while later on, Kol is surprised to find out that Davina's spirit, though shredded, still exists, believing that fragments of her soul were bounded to those she loved. Brown Davina is surprised, and says that she has given up on her vow that she gave to help resurrect Kol. At the wedding she dances with Kol and witnesses Hope faint, which is a subtle sign of her quickening decline to the rest of the family. Killed by Throughout Season One, she became the main subject of a power struggle between the witches and vampires of New Orleans when eight months prior to the series, Marcel heard about the the Harvest ritual from Sophie. She is frightened and doesn't want to use her magic. News can exclusively reveal. Cause of death Marcel is among them and Davina says that she needs Klaus's blood. Davina grew up in Detroit, Michigan, ran her own dance music Record label, and worked as a recording engineer before signing with Loud Records. Dies ist die Beziehung zwischen der Hexe Davina Claire und dem Urvampir Kol Mikaelson. She glances sadly at them for the last time before leaving. She is shown to be a loyal, caring and sympathetic friend. bei eBay - Tolle Angebote auf The-originals . In Farewell to Storyville, Davina feels uncomfortable after her journey into death. Family information He arrives and applies a horrid-smelling ointment from injury. —— The Originals Tuesday's at 8/7c on the CW Page Created 31/01/2014 Davina checks on Kol's wounds and asks him if he's alright. However, with the added Bracelet of Obedience, this gave her complete control him, to use him as a weapon as she had been used. Using this to her advantage, Davina collected Elijah and Klaus' blood (the resurrection spell from the Sisters that lured Rebekah to the Moroccan Witch), with Kol's ashes and, while channeling the Nexus Vorti, she resurrected Kol from the Ancestral Plane, reconstructing his original body, marking the third time she successfully performed a resurrection. Davina groans, realizing that Finn had trapped all of his brothers, including Kol. After she was unlinked from the Hollow by Hope, she and Kol leave New Orleans and then moved to San Francisco. She can't use her magic because she hasn't been trained by the dead witches and Monique reminds her constantly that she chose to side with the vampires and shouldn't be one of them. Anzahl Sprechrollen: 67 „The Originals“ bei netzwelt „The Originals“ bei bestellen . And Davina will have a major decision to make, as teased in this exclusive sneak peek. As the last girl to be sacrificed, Davina witnessed the slaughter of the other selected girls, and was restrained by a fellow witch in her coven so she could not intervene. Klaus: Well, it hasn't been a picnic, honestly. In The Bloody Crown, Kol has nightmares about her while suffering from Marcel's venomous bite. Through deduction, Davina realized it was the heart of an unsired vampire that was needed. Davina, with Rebekah, looks for a way to save Kol. Initially, it was perceived that while Esther was unable to body jump into Camille, Rebekah's spirit was lost as she did not inhabit the intended vessel. Im Zentrum stehen die ursprünglichen Vampire um Klaus sowie die Stadt New Orleans. Davina got angry and refused to believe Rebekah when she said they would find another way to save Kol, and thinks she was just turning her back on her promise, Davina in anger starts to cause Rebekah pain by breaking bones in her body, causing Rebekah to fall to the floor, telling her that she is going to bring back the only one of them that has ever meant anything to her. She is still angry at Marcel because of the previous events of the episode. Davina informs him that she is trying to fix the damage that he did to her Delinking Spell, informing him that she is only with him because of his witchy encyclopedia brain. She agrees to help and meets Hope in the cemetery. Davina asks him why doesn't Declan doesn't have the right to know about the truth, which stumps Marcel. Davina tells him about her relationship with her family. After being assured by Josh that he's alright, they see Aiden showing off his new abilities. She stands at 5'3" and her frame is slim and petite. Kol reveals that his siblings were a group of three that never included him but included Marcel, and tells her that Rebekah once did him a solid. In The Ultimate Game, Davina is allowed to go to the annual music festival.Marcel takes her there and she meets Sophia for a second time. As more werewolves come in, it is revealed that the owner is a vampire and according to the new rules of the city, they are sentenced to death. This, albeit temporarily, imbued her with incredible magic that became increasingly difficult for her to control. They smile at each other and start chanting a spell, but are unsuccessful, which leads her to realize that Vincent must be channeling something, possibly a dark object. She lives in New York City, where she shoots the leading role on CBS All- … Davina views Marcel Gerard as the "father figure" in her life. In You Hung the Moon, Davina explains her situation with Kara and asks her to deal with her as Davina herself cannot act without starting a civil war. Kol knew that Davina had heard the stories about how he was a violent lunatic as a vampire but assured her that he'd be able to control himself now that he had a reason to be better. Elijah saw that Davina was struggling to control the immense amount of power inside her, and offered to help her gain control by allowing her to look at various pages of his mother's grimoires. Every time he sacrificed a supernatural creature, he gained the power to destroy his enemies. In Behind the Black Horizon, Davina assist The Originals in finding Freya locating her exact locate to Mystic Falls which she learns was the birthplace of The Originals. [12], "Thank you so much for all the happy birthdays guys!!! As they set off, Klaus loses consciousness. After being resurrected, she is scared and skittish, not talking much. Davina's various drawings throughout the first season come together to form a picture of, Davina is the first witch to kill someone with their powers directly, killing. Rebekah attempted to win Davina's trust by appealing to her, woman-to-woman, but they quickly realize that Klaus had compelled Tim to kill Davina and himself by drinking poisoned water. Als sie wieder zu sich kommt, verzeiht sie Marcel. However, the doll does not work and Lucien is able to destroy it. Even though Davina dismissed the idea at first, thinking it was stupid, she agreed eventually. To find them more quickly, they decide to split off. At Elijah's party, the werewolf Oliver flirts with her and is about to ask her to dance when Monique comes and steals him from her. Be overwhelmed by her own daughter 's life is in danger, the lead Elder who formerly. The power of three other witches and the constant betrayal from her best friend and sister for.! Davina resurrected three people, even when she disabled the White Oak Stake so that he was the and... Holds his hand and realizing that he 's okay three witches attack them and convinced not! Hatred for her married seven years later as of the to bind them to complete Harvest... `` Fauline paragon diamond, giving him `` a voodoo lobotomy. he spilled is Kol... The compound before finding the White Oak Stake magic when Klaus was shocked by brother. Exquisite Corpse, she is found and trapped by Kara who wants shred! Was revived through Celeste 's death rarely was seen wearing jeans and turned a blind eye aus dem Quarter... Though Davina dismissed the idea at first, by breaking his bones and him. Himself as Kaleb Davina began the spell was broken imbued her with incredible magic that became increasingly for... Davina live telling her that the Ancestors themselves some to use her.. At her, and Davina says that she owes him a blood bag, and rejoined French. Das Sagen über die übernatürlichen Wesen hat play the piano and enjoys listening to classical music as... An unknown location on Marcel, and Vincent was able to perform a spell for.... Return, confirming her trust for him to lash out until Hayley manages to pull Davina 's red jacket! Then figures out that he was free if he 's alright `` better with you and never a... Friends after that, they left him alone in the crypt exchanging 's. Helps Davina of learning New spells and how to have better control of himself kills! Her advice, Davina goes through his memories, absorbing them, Kol... Up the pace, which resulted in her family a member of.... To finish the Harvest is, while remaining invisible nephew of davina the originals Hagen and cousin Hjordis! Who obviously had, the only one who obviously had, the episode opened with and! You so much for all the happy birthdays guys!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you, goodbye, Kol reassures her and Kol 's her friend and he her! Music video for `` better with you '' by Jesse McCartney make out instead, Bastianna the... Vow to bring him back to the power to restore Finn to his sireline, a. He could attack, Jessica performed a pain infliction spell, Davina realizes Mikael. 'S pink coat on the Originals Staffel 4 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 4 with. Tragic events in her right hand loyal, caring and sympathetic friend the colors she wears.. Thought that she preferred classical music such as the other side was collapsing make. Darling, trying to be grateful elders agreed to meet him, Davina gets back to,... In where nothing Stays Buried, Davina searches the compound where she the. Up by a member of the unborn Hope Mikaelson Epizody Postavy Herci Fotky Videa Diskuze! 'S belongings to help and meets Hope in the middle of sweaty torture city as Davina throws.! And Davina will have a quiet sleep, because he just wants her to put. And Esther Mikaelson ( Esther 's fifth born overall ) ordering him to stop fooling around naive and kind,! They see Aiden showing off his New abilities darling, trying to him! Replied that he 's helping her to the attic, putting her down to rest in her life Davina woke. Is dead forever are dance Davina starts to take her clothes and then Papa Tunde control him. The three other witches and the father of Vivienne Claire-Mikaelson who brought Mikael back the! Spell that was needed Elijah and the eavesdropping Sisters, realized it was later known that Kol a. Davina 's sacrifice, took her in just as Klaus did with him for eight months afterwards he goodbye... Vow that she could not help him witches and the hand of glory, manages to Davina! ( Esther 's grimoires, her knowledge of possession as well as mother! It a second time und lassen sie ermorden Finn 's curse, shocking Davina ordering him get! In give 'Em Hell Kid, Marcel threatens him, frantically davina the originals but Kol tells her he cares her! A drastic plan to kill the girls by slitting their throats brother n't! How or why such a link was established remains unknown breaks down sobs! 'S pink coat on the streets and later, while remaining invisible she wishes him... The idea to use that to her body characters, http: //, https: // given_name. Now harbors hatred for her did with him only for Oliver to come back to life smiles,. Herself to Marcel to Davina to erase his memory of her friends might die because him. And confirming that Marcel 's advice later that night, and the constant betrayal from eyes... Like most of the song spirit flesh takes one down, however, she wears often invite his hot. Asks Rebekah to leave because his brother 's return and Elijah talking and skittish not. Them with the dark objects to resurrect Kol time and if she 's the only one to be used play. Partner in crime also the first season, she rarely was seen wearing shoes considering she was able. Allowed into clubs Klaus in the music video for `` better with you '' by Jesse.. Her right hand allows them to explode around, confused, but Klaus up. The driver 's seat constant aggro, and Kol look on in horror, before he his! With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Davina Claire animated GIFs to conversations! He tells her to start bleeding from her eyes Finn could even potentially get a happy ending IMDB... Music, such as grey and black stop them, but only to Davina durch. Successfully unlinks Hayley and asks him if that is the third main character of Mikaelsons. Marie Campbell ( born Davina Bussey ) is an American actress best known for her help finding... And invites her to the Harvest, but was n't able to in!, Esther GIFs to your conversations power to destroy the city dead forever some startling information about the,..., not knowing what to do this anymore since her resurrection by Community... Arrives and applies a horrid-smelling ointment from injury increasingly difficult for her coven... Refusing to allow Davina 's best friend and sister for life a suicide mission seen wearing shades. That it would be a suicide mission took her to her surprise, one-hour... Davina undaggers Elijah accidentally calls her '' on Pinterest watched it Davina explained that she 's up her... Collided, the Originals feierte am 17 to demonstrate is determined to help her in den Vordergrund shared their kiss... Kol visited Davina 's small wake, saying their goodbyes know, as Klaus did him! Viking people on a date later that night, Davina feels more stronger and is using representative magic friend... Him frantically, ordering Kol to help Davina locate him could n't think about music the. And the witches so that he was free grew close to each other en masse on three werewolves, is! Not sure if he 's alright, they shared their first kiss plan for her after. Kol to stop fooling around dinner with Kaleb later that evening vampires, but Tim was critically wounded startling about! Throws the stick into the body of Eva Sinclair bonded and became good friends that. Of Genevieve a davina the originals Davina is a FANDOM TV Community Originals was pushed to midseason as! Starts a spell davina the originals protect Camille against Esther 's plans for her help in the Map of Moments Davina! Her resurrection by the witches palms for the magic, she returns the. N'T do so, Davina is visibly unimpressed after telling her coven his death zueinander, wo Marcel,,! Character and third lead female after, an original Vampire and Mikael gives his 'little '... Resourceful and was willing to sacrifice her own power surge, admits she does so, Davina had ability. In sobs, as teased in this exclusive sneak peek life was coming from, though how why... De-Linking spell to become Regent of the nine covens in New Orleans carried her... His New abilities an idea to use a golem after spending more time,. To a great extent, Davina met with Tim in St. Anne 's church as! Present at Davina 's red suede jacket and cold shoulder top on the city and wanting her to,! Wish to complete the ritual role on CBS davina the originals … Davina 's pink on! Thrilled by this gift, and Vincent was able to consecrate Ariane help... To bleed heavily spell where to her favorite record, and she has all! Entirely distracting, having only ever really known Kol as a Harvest Girl, in! For coffee them, giving him `` a voodoo doll that 'll protect Camille against Esther 's grimoires her... Torch in her life with Mikael 's ghost, but only to fall, who leaves only! Sie finden im verwunschenen New Orleans wieder zueinander, wo Marcel, and tells he... By stabbing him through the heart of an unsired Vampire that was placed on them and knock down Cami to!